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    I think I've tried everything...

    I can't figure out after trying many times following the instructions on the google code pages

    HOW to make the bookmarklets and copy from Safari. If someone can PM in plain english what to do I'd appreciate it. Or explain here so the rest might understand too.

    Thanks in advance
    Nevermind! Ok here's how!

    Go to the page linked in the developer's site, Google code blah blah blah or open Safari and search for hClipboard Google code. Click the link in 1. and save as a bookmark follow the rest of the instructions BUT in step 5 remove everything from AND INCLUDING http:// blah blah blah here #. NOT between. IE everything in blue. the instructions simply say to remove everything between.

    Then navigate to a page you want to copy from. open bookmarks and then hit the bookmark you made just above. Nothing seems to happen, BUT go ahead and hit the page now. The text on the page is now alterable with the keyboard and copy/pasteable!
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    2009-01-27 12:48 AM
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    I just want to do a poll on the new copy and paste apps. Please go to


    No offense to threadstarter.
    2009-01-28 07:26 AM
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    drgopoos, in response to your question, "is there a way to copy a number from an sms to dial pad," the easiest way that i would do this is to do this: the number in the sms message should be highlighted; you can click on the number to dial it. Once the iphone dials this number, it'll be captured in your phone app and you can then add it to your address book, if you so desire. Hope this helps!
    2009-02-03 10:09 AM
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    hey guys, i was trying to download clippy, but i can't find it in Cydia. Everytime I make a search, it always reveal hClipboard which I don't like to use; so many things to click before it happens. I like clippy more. Please help. Thanks.
    2009-02-09 01:53 PM
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