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  • Clippy

    125 73.96%
  • hClipboard

    48 28.40%
  • CopierciN

    3 1.78%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. ifini's Avatar
    The updated Clippy has the ability to copy text that is not necessarily in the text field eg received sms messages. It also has a new stack clipboard.
    But the new double tap to copy is finicky when it comes to accurately double tap and where you exactly want to start copying. hClipboard does a better job at copying specific lines of text.

    My personal peeve is that Clippy always shows the menu bar over the text window in sms so I have to take an additional step to click close in order to see what number or punctuation I am typing.. hClipboard does not and is cleverly only activated when one presses the globe icon.

    Poll here to tell us which you prefer and why
    2009-01-28 05:41 AM
  2. jessemiga's Avatar
    clippy crashes BeejiveIM! hClipboard doesn't take up screen space plus has more diversity in copying crap. I haven't tried Copier.
    2009-01-28 05:58 AM
  3. iChopPryde's Avatar
    Clippy for sure, it works just how I want Copy and Paste to work on an iphone I just now need it to do webpages which is the only reason I have hclipboard still installed once clippy does this I will uninstall hclipboard. The new .93 update adds great ability to copying sms text and the clipboard method I really enjoy.

    Please just get webpages working and it is perfect
    2009-01-28 06:41 AM
  4. nfl46's Avatar
    Clippy! The 0.93 helped it a lot. It's simple and easy to use. I love the new stack feature and the double tap + drag + copy.
    2009-01-28 03:14 PM
  5. Ad1tya's Avatar
    After 0.93.. Clippy.

    Do read this as well... My review on the apps.
    iPhone Copy Paste App's Mini Review -
    2009-01-28 05:36 PM
  6. hondakorn's Avatar
    clippy ftw! very user friendly and simple to use.
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    2009-01-28 06:01 PM
  7. Eurisko's Avatar
    Clippy all the way. With Emoji's installed, you can't even run hClipboard so I couldn't even test it.
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    2009-01-28 06:19 PM
  8. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
    Clippy works fine, although I have not tried hclipboard yet.

    2009-01-28 07:28 PM
  9. Cocchiararo's Avatar
    since when hclipboard does someting for copying from webpages that clipy cant ?

    i still preffer h tho
    2009-01-28 07:58 PM
  10. JazJon's Avatar
    Clipy works great, but I dont like how the copy paste buttons override the send button on iRealSMS. (they both share that same line above the qwerty) This means I have to shut off shift/caps before I can hit the send button. (one extra step sucks) Would would fix that clippy or iRealSMS?
    2009-01-28 08:59 PM
  11. ifini's Avatar
    Clippy all the way. With Emoji's installed, you can't even run hClipboard so I couldn't even test it.
    You can run hClipboard with Emoji...that is if you can install hClipboard.... There seems to be a problem with Cydia installer now

    Clippy is leading the way!!!!

    BTW Clippy 0.94 is out.... any new features updated?
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    2009-01-29 12:54 AM
  12. Eurisko's Avatar
    You can run hClipboard with Emoji...that is if you can install hClipboard.... There seems to be a problem with Cydia installer now
    Oh I see. The documentation says to enable hClipboard you need to click on the globe several times. When I click on the globe several times, it switches back and forth between Emoji's and the regular keyboard. What am I doing wrong?
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    2009-01-29 02:26 AM
  13. ifini's Avatar
    You need to first activate hClipboard.

    Go to Settings → General → Keyboard → International Keyboards → Enable hClipboard
    2009-01-29 08:06 AM
  14. turimblar's Avatar
    it lamost seems Clippy was made by Apple themselves. incredible awesomeness :-)
    2009-01-29 11:55 AM
  15. armadillo's Avatar
    I must be missing something, because despite the rave reviews of Clippy, it appears to be mainly for short text snippets that fit into the visible area. I cannot make it scroll to select text that is underneath the keyboard. Am I missing something? The hClipboard approach is better IMHO, since you can either select all text or you can set start and end.
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    2009-01-29 07:23 PM
  16. Bigperm26's Avatar
    Clippy works GREAT for what I use it for...copying from notes to text and vice versa. Very easy to use and with the recent someone stated above, "It's as if Apple created themselves!"

    Give it a shot if nothing else!

    All I need now is Sling Player and I'll never put this phone down.
    2009-01-29 07:50 PM
  17. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    I have Clippy, although I should at least try the other ones.
    2009-02-02 08:32 PM
  18. Iman07's Avatar
    i use hclipboard and clippy. the only reason why i keep clippy around is because it lets me enter my passwords (in the password fields on sites). when i am at school using my campus's wifi i, for some reason, get kicked off the server very frequently (insomnia doesnt really help). therefore, i keep hclipboard because its way easier to choose specific lines (but the whole switching between the keyboard and the international key is kind of a hassle) and i keep clippy for easy and fast logins. if somehow one of those two can incorporate both features, that would be amazing. OR if there a way to have the international keyboard be selectable when entering passwords (in the password fields) that would be better. it just disappears when while entering passwords but comes back for entering anything else. can this be hacked?
    2009-02-03 05:22 AM
  19. one1's Avatar
    Added CopierciN to the poll.......laughable.
    2009-02-04 03:10 AM
  20. meetidnani's Avatar
    i cant see clippy on cydia. Have the required source. Have refreshed it 6 -7 times but i still cant see it in cydia
    2009-02-04 07:03 AM
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