1. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    Other apps don't open videos and such..

    I just wait for the php-cgi 2.x ver cause i needed also for uploading files and stuff..

    damn they take too long this time with it!
    You're mistaken. Almost all the file management apps open videos and photos. I have used Files, DataCase and Air Sharing to do that.
    2008-10-22 09:17 PM
  2. smoen02's Avatar
    True, very true. However, lighttpd with PHP based index.html was (and as far as I have found) the ONLY app/configuration that opened any and all file types. Most of the apps that I have seen will do video but not docs, docs but not video, music but not video, etc, etc, etc. And, the ones that do more (Caravan, for example) has differences from the lighttp config version that I don't like.

    This is MY opinion, and what I prefer, and others are certainly going to disagree, and are welcome to do so.
    2008-10-24 06:05 PM
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