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    Still haven't got an answer for how much it would cost to upgrade from a 1.3 license?
    2009-04-05 11:33 AM
  2. mr.sparky's Avatar
    I'm using 3.0 and its not working any ideas?
    2009-04-05 01:58 PM
  3. theplague's Avatar
    I'm using 3.0 and its not working any ideas?
    3.0 what?
    iPhone OS 3.0? Then of course it's not working since it's not written for that platform.
    2009-04-05 02:01 PM
  4. mr.sparky's Avatar
    Yes iPhone OS 3.0. That's to bad its not working that app is great I wish it worked. Do you know when it will work with 3.0
    2009-04-05 02:04 PM
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    Well Reznor...You finally got me. It was the damn lockscreen quickreply that made me pay up. Sick of unlocking my phone (I use a lock code) just to reply to a text.

    Sorry, had to skip on the full version knowing Apple will have landscape texting in 3.0

    Still haven't got an answer for how much it would cost to upgrade from a 1.3 license?
    Try PM'ing him/her. Usually business transactions are kept out of the public (forum)
    2009-04-05 11:48 PM
  6. iPh0wned's Avatar
    another issue... when im texting someone and theres an incoming, i cant answer the call until i finish the msg and send it or cancel it...i tend to miss alot of calls because i cant get off the txt screen!

    it should be made so that the program disappears when an incoming call is coming so that i can push the answer button
    2009-04-06 04:52 AM
  7. reznor9's Avatar
    well you can actually hit the home button and it will close the quickreply so you can answer.. but your inputed text will be lost.
    we are still working on the next update but this is from a raw beta I have been playing with
    This is quoted from the iRealSMS community forum.
    I know you want to see more, so here are some tweaks to the User Interface of the QuickSend and QuickReply.
    Now we will be hiding the keyboard upon receiving new SMS messages. This will give the pop-up message a cleaner, more stock appearance.. If you want to reply, just tap on the text field and the keyboard slides up. If you dont want to... hit close or the home button or one of the other options available.

    The hidden keyboard also has its advantages when you want to unlock the phone before answering as it provides access to the slider.

    What about when you get a phone call? Its pretty annoying that you have to either ignore the call, send out an incomplete message or close out the QuickReply/QuickSend in order to answer it right? Well not anymore! When you receive a call the keyboard will automatically hide, to give you access to the slider/decline/answer keys!

    Thats all I have for now. I just want you all to know that we are listening to you and that we are really working hard to make this app cleaner and more user friendly. The update should be out soon, but its still very raw and there is still much to do before it is ready for release.
    here is more info quoted from the iRealSMS Community message forum in case your interested.
    Here is a little teaser.
    These are screenshots from a working beta I have.
    First I'll show you the HotKeys:
    Volume hotkey. Works with either VOLUME(up or down)... or anything that brings the volume HUD onscreen.. so you can even use the silent switch and it will work. It does not interfere with the volume function at all. And there are no slow downs or side effects to this. Just simply tap on the HUD, and it launches QuickSend and will make no change to the volume. I really love it! And I think you will too.

    This one is the double tap home button... gone are the days where you had to make the hard decision weither you want to use this for iPhone Favorites, iPod launch, or QuickSend... because we have placed a nice stock looking menu up with your choice of the 3. Functions great!

    We still have to polish the way the hotkeys respond in certain circumstances... because I dont want the doubletap over-riding the iPod controls on the lockscreen(which in its current state it does)... and I rather enjoy how when your playing music, the double tap pops up the iPod controls while using the phone... I dont want to disturb that behavior either. I want to make it so that you can use a combination of the 2 hotkeys to respond to every situation.
    Im thinking Im going to re-label the keys to simply read QuickSend / iPod / Phone Favorites.
    Still haven't got an answer for how much it would cost to upgrade from a 1.3 license?
    iRealSMS - landscape SMS on your iPhone - Purchase

    You can upgrade by following that link and the price is $6.25
    Allows you access to the full iRealSMS 2.0 and iRealQuickSMS.
    Although if you have iRealSMS installed, it has all the same features as the lite version and more, and gives you the same options for setting the default sms app as the iReal app, or the appleSMS app.
    Sorry for the delay in answering. But since the ireal forum started, I dont make it to this forum as often as I would like to.
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    2009-04-06 05:59 AM
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    ^^ YES!! My biggest gripe, err basically my only gripe, was the activation of QuickSMS. That is just freaking awesome!

    This app > any other SMS wannabe
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2009-04-09 08:54 AM
  9. iPh0wned's Avatar
    so whens the next update to irealquicksms? the whole keyboard in the way thing is getting really irritating
    2009-04-21 08:03 AM
  10. iPh0wned's Avatar
    2009-04-23 07:00 AM
  11. reznor9's Avatar
    we are working on it still. Trying to clean it up a bit so it doesnt eat too much memory. It will be out soon.
    2009-04-24 08:07 AM
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    (nevermind- faulty post)
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    2009-04-25 04:48 AM
  13. tbailey1's Avatar
    Any timeframe for when the 3.0 version will be compiled?
    2009-05-02 06:52 PM
  14. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    Is iReal going to be update with iQuick with the volume up choices?
    iLive an iLife
    2009-05-03 12:18 AM
  15. reznor9's Avatar
    Any timeframe for when the 3.0 version will be compiled?
    We first need to finish the iRealSMS update and also the iRealQuickSMS update. Then we can begin work on 3.0... we have our work ahead of us. But it will come along I promise.

    Is iReal going to be update with iQuick with the volume up choices?
    Yes! Most definately! We unfortunately dont support beta versions of the iRealQuickSMS. We simply use the code from the main app and plug it in to the LITE version. Its kinda of a perk to purchasing the main app that you get to play with this stuff early in our betas. But we have just crossed a hurdle that had us at a standstill. What had been holding us up from moving forward was a huge memory leak found in the last beta. That memory leak would have made its way to iRealQuickSMS, so that needed to be addressed first. Now that it is out of the way, we can start finishing up the rest of the features on the update. I should hope it shouldnt be long. I dont want to promise anything because last time I did that we hit a snag and it didnt come out on time... but soon.
    2009-05-03 04:03 AM
  16. KERNY's Avatar
    so which one should i buy irealquick sms or ireal 2.0??
    2009-05-07 05:18 AM
  17. reznor9's Avatar
    so which one should i buy irealquick sms or ireal 2.0??
    It really depends on your needs and what you expect out of the app... if you just want the QuickReply and QuickSend(which comes with QuickNotes and QuickCall) plugins, but want to use your appleSMS app, then i recommend the iRealQuickSMS... but if your want a full featured app with:
    security master password lock
    INBOX/OUTBOX/DRAFTS Folder setup option
    SMS Blacklist control
    Landscape keyboard
    Delete or forward single sms message
    forward contact info
    QuickNotes to Drafts
    Upcoming favorites list in QuickSend
    amongst other things planned for future release..
    then you would want the iRealSMS app..
    but keep a mental note that some features will be stock in the 3.0 firmware... but there will be features that we are adding to the iRealSMS app to make it worth the money.
    But the great thing is, you can order the lite version, and upgrade at any time via an upgrade fee.
    2009-05-07 08:31 AM
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    I have iRealSMS and can't wait for these updates to come to it!!!
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    2009-05-08 06:42 PM
  19. iPh0wned's Avatar
    2009-05-09 08:05 AM
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    i know...i think everyone is waiting for the update...ugh, its taken a long time. i have subscription to both ireal and irealquick so i've just been using ireal...
    2009-05-11 06:00 PM
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