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    Pressing the plus button does browse through matching contacts???
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    2008-05-21 02:42 PM
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    I'm just not good at explaining

    Will try again: If you type a number and hit call, you'll call the number you've typed and not a contact, just like in the regular phone app. While you're typing the number, available contacts will still be displayed as usual, but you have to hit the plus button before you can call the contact instead of the number you've typed, just like you have to on say Windows Mobile, where you have to arrow down to the contact you want to call (or else you'll call the number you typed). Another option is a popup where you choose between contact and number after you hit the call button. The popup could only be shown if you've typed a 3 digit number starting with either 1 or 9, or always (as an option). I know you can just hit the red search/Enter # button on top to switch between # and search, but other people using the phone might not know that in an emergency (or you yourself if you're drunk and there's an emergency ).

    Bad ideas?
    2008-05-21 09:08 PM
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