1. robesaki's Avatar
    Despite having Skype on my i3g, i have also added Nimbuzz, simply because there are so many voip providers out there. I added VoipCheap to my list of voip clients simply because they charge only 0.06 per/m for a call to uk orange mobile, anyway this aint an ad!!! a couple of problems that maybe you guys can help me with. Firstly it keeps telling me that i need wifi, now my skype works perfect at home without wifi, as most of us know. So is there a script or anything i can do to "fool" Nimbuzz? Also and i have mailed nimbuzz on this but my option to add more voip clients dissappears so i hae to add a new user to add a new voip provider, any clues?
    thanx guys
    2009-04-14 09:05 PM
  2. Cocchiararo's Avatar
    there is a mobilesubstrate "app" that makes apps think they are on wifi while using 3g.

    dont remember its name tho
    2009-04-15 07:17 PM