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    Hi guys! My team and I are launching our new app into beta and would appreciate your feedback! The source is http://socialibrium.com/cydia

    Socialibrium is a relationship management tool that reflects the health of your relationships based on the frequency of contact in a color-coded (red/amber/green), dashboard view. It does this by automatically consolidating the communication channels you use on your iPhone every day, and then converting that data into information you can use to ensure you stay in touch at the intervals you've defined as well as gives you a single place to view all your calls, emails, SMS, and meetings with each contact.

    A full demo is available on our blog.

    Socialibrium is completely user configurable and requires minimal manual intervention. All the data remains local, so Socialibrium LLC has no access to it, and you can view the information even if you're offline.

    • full integration with native email, phone, SMS, and calendar apps
    • automatic data consolidation
    • user-defined groups
    • red/amber/green dashboard
    • direct dial/email/SMS using the dashboard ovals
    • elapsed time since last communication
    • inclusion of emails sent and calendar entries made from desktop for any accounts synchronized with your iPhone
    • ability to include or exclude incoming communication from "satisfying" the "communication requirement"
    • import of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. saved in each address book entry
    • ability to add user-defined reminders

    If you would like to try the application, the source is socialibrium.com/cydia

    Full set-up and configuration instructions are available on www.socialibrium.com/help.html

    Read Before Installing
    • Socialibrium only recognizes "Sent" items that have been downloaded to your phone. To ensure these are all in place before installation, open you email and then your "Sent" folder. This will download all Sent items. Depending on your email app and settings, this may or may not happen automatically. To ensure I am updated, I generally open my "Sent" items folder a few times a day.
    • Socialibrium associates calendar/diary entries with a contact only when the contact’s name is in the calendar entry “Notes” field. Going forward when you enter a calendar appointment/meeting, insert the name(s) of the contacts with whom you are meeting in the “Notes” field as they appear in your Address Book. This ensures Socialibrium will recognize and import them.
    • Once opened, Socialibrium will import your call, email, SMS, and calendar entry information. This may take a few minutes, and depending on how much data you have, may result in the application crashing. Do not be alarmed, once restarted, it should resume normal import.

    Please send all feedback or questions to [email protected]

    Have a go and let us know what you think!

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    2009-05-12 04:20 AM
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    Hi guys - looking at our file logs, it appears at least several of you have downloaded Socialibrium. We have a brief questionnaire we would like a few users to complete. I will PayPal $10 to the first 10 people who:

    1) email a screenshot of your customized Group Summary dashboard to [email protected] (i.e. you have to prove you have downloaded and set up the app, not just copy & pasted from our website )
    2) Agree to complete a brief questionnaire (3-5 questions) about your set-up and usage experience with Socialibrium.

    Once the completed questions are returned, just let us know your PayPal email and we will send across $10.

    Thank you!
    2009-05-18 01:42 PM
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    Luckily I have no friends so don't need an app like this
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2009-05-19 08:33 AM
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    I'll be honest.. i think this is pretty useless.. if you need aid in keeping your friends, i think you should be worried
    2009-05-19 02:00 PM
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    Point taken, but the goal of Socialibrium isn't to help you stay in touch with the friends you speak to every day -- the friends for which it would be odd NOT to speak with them regularly. It is to help manage the next circle (or circles) out.

    I know I have several groups of friends with whom I don't have regular contact, but with whom I want to reach out to every few months just to say hello. These are the people I have trouble tracking whether it has been 1, 2, or even 3 months; and ore often than not, it has been longer than I would have liked (e.g. my best friend from high school). Facebook is great, but not all my friends are on social-networking sites, and status updates only go so far.

    At the end of the day, not every app is for every person, but what we have found, is the people who think they need this the least, are actually the ones who need it the most

    Also, I know there are multiple times throughout the day when I want to find a conversation thread but I'm not sure whether it originated in an email, a phone call, or an SMS. Socialibrium puts all your conversations with each contact in one place, so you can quickly find what you need (especially key on an iPhone w.o search functionality)

    Clearly I am biased, but would encourage you to give it a try and once you've used it, let us know what you think.

    2009-05-19 05:04 PM