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    What used to be great now completely sucks. Before the 5.0 upgrade, I had no problems with this app. I played all my games with no problem. After 5.0, the app became useless because it would crash randomly after a couple minutes of play and would crash 90% of the time while trying to save a game.

    So the apps just been sitting there while I waited for an update. FINALLY! 5.5.0 came and promised bug fixes that caused the app to crash during saves and better stability, with a minimum $2.50 donation. I figured it would be worth it if the app would stop crashing all the time. Honestly, I noticed it's a little better, but it still randomly crashes too many times to be usable.

    Please say I'm not the only one that's having this problem.

    Also, does anyone know if I can get whatever version came before 5.0 and mind explaining how? I'd really love to play GBA on my iPhone again, but 5.x is useless.
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    2009-06-06 06:30 AM
  2. gpsphone_5.5.0's Avatar
    I think your the only one with this problem i downloaded gpsphone 5.5.0 and its been working fine and im running 8gb 1st gen ipod touch iv had a cuple of crashes but that because i i curropyed the gba file nefore i put the in the folder been playing every pokemon rom i could fine all the rom you get from cydia seem to crash on 5.0 you should try puting new 1s in with ssh or try aoutosave in the opptions menu if these dont work i have othere tricks u should try
    2009-06-12 08:07 AM
  3. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    Everyone has their own personal problem with gpSPhone which worries Zod a lot. He is trying his best to make this emulator stable. This is due to the coding in the emulator. If you want to play GBA games, I suggest using an emulator on a PC. Otherwise, you're going to wait for the next release.
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    2009-06-13 10:59 PM
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    Get the GS on friday, then you wont complain
    2009-06-16 05:12 AM
  5. gpsphone_5.5.0's Avatar
    Get the GS on friday, then you wont complain
    what is the GS ????

    what is the GS ????
    I had a blond moment im sorry got it ... But do you realy think that would change the bugs the gpsphone has ?
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    2009-06-16 05:24 AM
  6. theREALpeter's Avatar
    Get real iPhone Games. Imaho more fun than this Emulation..
    2009-06-22 03:52 PM
  7. ThomasShaped's Avatar
    There's a free option in the donation bit.. >_>
    2009-06-24 02:43 PM
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    thank you, didn't notice that!
    2009-06-25 01:25 AM