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    * Unique "hammer-on" metaphor simplifies solo playing by removing the need to independently fret and pick a string.
    * A complete guitar fretboard (including open strings) to the 15th fret.
    * Multi-touch. Up to 5 strings can be played at once.
    * Each note is a separately recorded sample, for maximum quality.
    * Animated strings press down at your touch for visual feedback.
    * Acoustic guitar patch included, with more options available in a later release.
    * On-screen keyboard navigation allows you to easily move up and down the fretboard.
    * Left handed stringing option.
    * Various guitar tunings available with more to follow.

    A video of it in action:-
    [ame=""]YouTube - MooCowMusic: Guitarist[/ame]

    Available now on the "ModMyI" Installer source.

    More information, and community forum:-
    2008-03-12 11:46 AM
  2. Billy 2 Sips's Avatar
    Great work mate!
    2008-03-12 01:38 PM
  3. m4keenan's Avatar
    Awesome work man. But how to do play a open note on it? I must just be over looking it.
    2008-03-12 02:17 PM
  4. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
    This rocks !

    Can we get electric guitar and a whammy bar ?
    2008-03-12 03:02 PM
  5. billchase2's Avatar
    awesome! downloading now...
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    2008-03-12 07:42 PM
  6. s2kpdx's Avatar
    This app OWNS pocketguitar
    2008-03-12 09:15 PM
  7. Dash-2's Avatar
    Awesome work man. But how to do play a open note on it? I must just be over looking it.
    Hit the "nut" (the bar on the far left end).
    Read through the help to understand the rest.
    2008-03-12 10:39 PM
  8. dazed87's Avatar
    its not very playable, but I guess it's still fun
    2008-03-12 10:42 PM
  9. akai's Avatar
    How come I get no sound out of this, drummer, or pianist
    2008-03-12 11:16 PM
  10. kpavery's Avatar
    How come I get no sound out of this, drummer, or pianist
    make sure your phones not on silent/vibrate and make sure your ringer is turned up. also update to the latest version, that fixes the sound problems for pianist and drummer... this one should work right away though.
    2008-03-12 11:42 PM
  11. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    This app OWNS pocketguitar
    As a guitarist, I disagree. PocketGuitar is fun for me because I get to really feel like I'm playing a guitar, anytime & anywhere.

    This is fun in its own way, and is beautiful graphically, but it's really a different experience altogether.

    What I'd love to see, is the ability to strum or pick strings (open or fretted), the way you can in PocketGuitar, while retaining the hammer-on for fretted strings. Also, pull-offs don't work with this, which is pretty limiting.
    2008-03-13 12:16 AM
  12. stan_the_man_123's Avatar
    Amazing!!! I spent ages learning how to play Stairway to Heaven I already play guitar so it's quite easy except the fret changes. It totally thrashes PocketGuitar
    2008-03-17 11:10 PM
  13. Jousr's Avatar
    Please someone please give me the source of guitarist..... Iv'e already add the modmyi source ( and it doesn't appear guitarist... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    2008-08-02 01:26 AM
  14. skiez's Avatar
    look in toys or something
    2008-08-02 04:57 AM