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    I've just installed BiteSMS 4.0 on my 2G iphone as it promised all of the functions of the Iphone 3.0 messaging application and more. How disapointed was I that they did not find a way to enable MMS on a 2G phone.

    This is a huge missed opportunity as there are millions out there who would love this ability all through one app just like 3G and 3GS owners enjoy.

    I'm thinking it must be possible becuse SwirlyMMS can do it so why not combine the two in one complete message app replacement for 2G owners. My guess is the Swirly will do this first and then BiteSMS will be the loser and unless they can get there act together quickly. I much prefer the functionality of Bite though.

    I've just bought a 3GS but I still keep my 2G as backup and for nostagic reasons as I got it in the first month of release and its been hacked to every level and back with the help of this site and its members. Currently running 3.0 But I still wish there was one combine messaging app I could install to be with the funtionality of BiteSMS (quick, call quick reply within apps etc) but to include MMS, maybe its early days I'll see what pops up over the next week or so.
    Eric's iPhone 4 4.01 offically unlocked
    2009-06-21 01:33 PM
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    You might be surprised in the coming weeks.

    If you've been following the BiteSMS forums you will see some of the posts
    by the actualy developers who have said in recent weeks that they've spent
    a great deal of time just "making" BiteSMS work with firmware 3.0. Remember
    they dont get help or support from Apple with their app, since it replaces
    Apple's SMS app. They were celebrating the fact that fw3.0 was finally out
    of beta and released to the public so they could stop following firmware
    changes and focus on updating BiteSMS!!!

    In all honesty, your comment is a little premature.. you miss the fact that
    3GS hasn't even been jailbroken yet! How did you expect to install BiteSMS4.x
    on your new iPhone 3GS even if DID have the MMS feature???

    Just my two cents.
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    2009-06-21 06:07 PM
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    @ mbuena

    You didnt read my post correctly!, although I also have a 3GS I was talking about my 2G which I've has since the early days and unlikely to part with it. I was refering to biteSMS working on that. As for Bite working on 3.0 I'm sure a lot of work has been going into that but the files structure has been known for some time and the SDK was released so getting an existing app to work should not have been too difficult. So IMHO releasing an app saying it gives the same capability as the messaging app + added functionality altough strictly true does not tell the full story they should have made it clear that it would also be unable to send MMS on a 2G phone just like the apple app. But as Apple had no technical reason to do that I'd expect any skilled programer to be able to over come that, especially an app so polished as BiteSMS.

    I'm not writing those guys off and I'm happy to wait longer as I often have for developers to catch up with Apple OS changes. But heralding an app as 3.0 ready and missing the opportunity to offer 2G owners the very thing that Apple wont was an opportunity missed, remember this was a major relase at 4.0 and adding MMS would be a major release not just a bug fix so are they going to release 5.0? or maybe do what swirly did and make us all pay again for BiteSMS2
    Eric's iPhone 4 4.01 offically unlocked
    2009-06-21 11:19 PM
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    i just hope they manage to add MMS to the iphone 2g

    and also, that someone adds A2dp to it...
    2009-06-22 05:40 AM