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    its no scam or spam
    i swear
    my cousin got his just last week
    i'm just trying to gather up my referals
    just check out all the proof above.
    thank you for your time,
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    2007-09-23 05:30 AM
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    you don't give up do you...
    Hit Thanks!
    2007-09-23 05:31 AM
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    Stop Spamming.
    2007-09-23 05:32 AM
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    first of all stop spamming second of all it is illegal to advise offers, it will get you benned from all the trainn sites (including the one your working on)
    so again stop spamming and get your ref.s the legal way!
    2007-09-23 06:01 AM
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    Diaf spammer
    2007-09-23 01:05 PM
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    "It's very important that you use this exact link"

    lol, now is it? Cuz I just signed up from going to the website directly! No problem for me. Thanks for being concerned about me though.
    2007-09-23 04:00 PM
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    Where the moderation on this site?

    Why do mods allow this / not remove this crap?

    2007-09-23 04:55 PM
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    Thanks mike
    i figured i would leave it up there for a laugh
    lol my favorite part... i wonder why we would think that??
    Blah Blah Blah...
    its no scam or spam
    i swear
    thank you for letting me waste your time,
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    Yup, that time gets him a ban.

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    2007-09-24 04:45 AM