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  1. TDD's Avatar
    TDD, I take it since your in Australia your not using AT&T. Probably why yours works.
    Correct. Vodafone AU. But I had the same issue whereby nobody could receive my MMS' until I had sent one to myself.
    2009-06-29 09:20 AM
  2. SuperVee3's Avatar
    SuperVee3, what apn did u use?

    Cellular Data
    APN -

    APN -
    Username -
    Password -
    MMSC -
    MMS Proxy -

    none of the others worked for me. i had to switch from
    2009-06-29 10:06 AM
  3. cheldan's Avatar
    ... now my edge isnt workin!!!
    Same here
    2009-06-29 10:13 AM
  4. Vasco9's Avatar
    Anyone know if this works on the Orange network in the UK.

    Would be great to have MMS in my normal text window rather than using Swirly.

    Gonna update to 3.0 tonight then jailbreak and unlock but wondered if anyone has this on Orange so i dont have to worry about it not working?

    2009-06-29 12:49 PM
  5. bbackhouse's Avatar
    I cant get my O2 MMS APN settings to stay! any ideas?
    2009-06-29 01:36 PM
  6. Me&MyI's Avatar
    My phone is messed up!!! you cannot restore if the phone doesn't reboot and unfortunately this download doesn't allow your phone to reboot!!! HELP!!!!
    2009-06-29 02:15 PM
  7. Adplaya's Avatar
    Have it plugged into the computer and keep trying to put the phone in DFU restore mode. A user in this thread said he finally got the computer to see the iphone after a while of cycling through the DFU steps.
    2009-06-29 02:28 PM
  8. Me&MyI's Avatar
    Thanks!!! it worked!!!
    2009-06-29 02:37 PM
  9. Tommer's Avatar
    doesn't work here either, ended up with the spinning wheel of death, 2 days of data lost and a lot of wasted time having to restore.
    This should be taken off cydia until it's working properly.
    2009-06-29 02:57 PM
  10. phasetoo's Avatar
    Well I've tried every setting, wap.voice..., internet2.voice..., and epc.tmobile... And they aren't working. I got one picture to send on internet2.voice... But it kept getting the try again icon, also the number it said it was sent from was like 11 numbers long like a Uk number. I'm using t-mobile in las Vegas, so frustrated.
    2009-06-29 04:29 PM
  11. hondakorn's Avatar
    this works on att if you have your imei changed and an mediamax bundle. I can provide screenshots if anyone needs.
    Same username on: hondatech, 7thgenhonda, clubrsx, orlandoforums, civicforums
    2009-06-29 05:29 PM
  12. gauravsuneja's Avatar
    2009-06-29 05:52 PM
  13. Contivity's Avatar
    From the thread here's the summary of what I'm understand:
    Installing in 3G iPhone -> Brick
    Installing on non 3.0 firmware (both 2G and 3G) -> Brick
    APN for EDGE and MMS must be the same. If not, APN will not save.
    2009-06-29 07:46 PM
  14. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    From the thread here's the summary of what I'm understand:
    Installing in 3G iPhone -> Brick
    Installing on non 3.0 firmware (both 2G and 3G) -> Brick
    APN for EDGE and MMS must be the same. If not, APN will not save.
    Awesome, you are 1 on many that read the instructions and also did your homework before installing this app. Nicely done.
    Amazing how many did not.
    smaller sig.png
    2009-06-29 07:51 PM
  15. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
    This does not work on Rogers. My iPhone does not have cellular network APN in settings and installing from Cydia, APN editing, still nothing is showing... this is weird?

    2009-06-29 07:54 PM
  16. phasetoo's Avatar
    I got it to work sort of, I can send and whoever I send to recieves the pic but I haven't been able to get them in return. I only get the pics if I send them to myself, does anyone know why that is? I hope they come up with a way to fix the resolution soon too.
    2009-06-29 08:15 PM
  17. Y-not's Avatar
    I ınstalled this fıx with not problems but the mms APN setting does not stay unless it is samewith the browsing apn

    Please someone post a way to make ıt permanent. ( I have trıed writing it and goıng back and rebooting as suggested befor but no luck stıll)

    İs it possıble to ssh into the phone and write the mms apn name to the correct setting location? İf so please provide which file to change on the ipohone

    many thanks
    2009-06-29 10:10 PM
  18. phasetoo's Avatar
    Start over from scratch, uninstall it in cydia then reinstall it. Then reset settings in cellular data network and make sure both apns match. That's what I did and it stayed.
    2009-06-30 12:33 AM
  19. mvizcarra's Avatar
    Please help!! I have a first gen. iphone w/3.0 firmeware on the t-mobile network, i currently don't have an internet service plan for my phone but have constant access to wi-fi. I was able to install and get ActivateMMS2G to send pics but I am having a problem recieving pics....can anyone please help??!
    2009-06-30 02:18 AM
  20. 987987's Avatar
    just take this garbage off cydia already
    2009-06-30 03:40 AM
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