1. RonMexico's Avatar
    supports msn, aim, icq and .mac

    downloading now


    uninstall apolloIM before downloading, or u will have to redownload and install

    sucks if u are on edge
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    2007-09-23 11:32 PM
  2. Gregord's Avatar
    Check it out at: http://www.apolloapp.com/
    Developer site: http://code.google.com/p/apolloim/

    The new Apollo is so nice. I have not been able to crash it yet and have been really impressed with the ui interaction. Their roadmap includes other libpurple protocols. Expect XMPP, gtalk, and yahoo in 1.01.

    Check it out, by far the most useful third party app I have used (and I have tried all of them)

    My extra row of four (from summerboard) now has 4 incredibly useful apps:

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  3. ShortIndianJesus's Avatar
    This is nice, like, really nice
    2007-09-24 12:00 AM
  4. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    wow. this is amazing! COOL!!!!
    Sent From My iPhone
    2007-09-24 12:15 AM
  5. Dash-2's Avatar
    Thanks for the notification.
    This is a sweet app!
    2007-09-24 12:18 AM
  6. SubZ3r0's Avatar
    what does the error... "PACKAGE FILE MISMATCH".....mean?...i keep getting that with this and 1 or 2 other files.
    2007-09-24 12:25 AM
  7. Gregord's Avatar
    what does the error... "PACKAGE FILE MISMATCH".....mean?...i keep getting that with this and 1 or 2 other files.
    Just refresh from your main Installer.app screen. Also if you can download the package from wifi. It is 4mb.
    2007-09-24 12:26 AM
  8. pingwhen's Avatar
    very very nice now they beat chat I wish they would just work together
    2007-09-24 12:54 AM
  9. the.ice's Avatar
    2007-09-24 12:58 AM
  10. Indiana82's Avatar
    Woot!That's great and works like a charm!
    2007-09-24 01:01 AM
  11. SubZ3r0's Avatar
    yeah...this app is wayyyyyyy better...loving the new looks.
    2007-09-24 01:03 AM
  12. owensdus's Avatar
    after I log on to msn it just shuts down on me and goes to my springboard, but with aim it works fine
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    2007-09-24 01:19 AM
  13. fred777's Avatar
    does this have sound or vibrate?
    i cant find any settings or anything.
    thats the only thing keeping me on chat right now..
    EDIT: after playin with it a little more... im an idiot.. haha
    still settings would be nice

    and i noticed u cannot receive IM's from people not on your buddylist
    i no its new software, hopefully this fix/add this stuff
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    2007-09-24 01:21 AM
  14. Trent J.'s Avatar
    Awesome.. I was waiting for something with MSN..
    2007-09-24 01:26 AM
  15. jedinight's Avatar
    yep,,,now one less thing we need from apple,,,,no more waiting for ichat
    2007-09-24 01:48 AM
  16. kelmk's Avatar
    I notice that it makes an alert sound when not in Apollo IM but it doesn't make any popup until I enter Apollo IM again.
    MSN support is awesome!
    2007-09-24 01:53 AM
  17. mmzymxf's Avatar
    Why I just can't log in :S

    It either stuck at "connecting to [email protected]" and receive a message saying "connection error from Notification server: Reading error"

    or at "sending cookie to [email protected]" forever...

    What's wrong with my setting? Thanks!
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    2007-09-24 02:39 AM
  18. indiscretion's Avatar
    just yahoo left and im sold.....ill still install but my question is does this count towards my text messages? i use tmobile but have full internet service
    2007-09-24 03:06 AM
  19. steinah's Avatar
    Crashes for me on AIM (wifi) after it loads my buddy list. i've only had it open long enough to scroll but once before it crashed and brought me back to springboard. Going to try uninstalling/reinstalling and restarting the phone.
    2007-09-24 03:45 AM
  20. xplod4202's Avatar
    yeap, all that its missing now is yahoo.
    2007-09-24 04:07 AM
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