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    Supreme Preferences 3.0
    Features As Of 9.0
    1. Mail/Calenders
    2. Fetch New Date 1 Min-Once A Day
    3. Prevent Mail Auto-Launch
    4. Mail Header Details
    5. Show 0-1000 Read Emails
    6. Show Custom Number of Read Emails
    7. Preview 0-10 Lines of Email
    8. Preview Custom Number of Lines of Email
    9. "Sent from my iPhone" Signature
    10. "Sent from my iPhone 3GS" Signture
    11. No Email Signature
    12. Set Calandar Day Start Time
    13. Set Calender End Day Time
    14. Sync Events 2 Days Ago-All Events
    15. Edit Cellular Data
    16. Edit Visual.Voicemail
    17. Edit MMS Settings
    18. Reset Cellular Data Setting
    19. Enable/Disable Cellular Data Editing
    20. International Assist
    21. Alerts
    22. Support NITZ
    23. Edit "My Number"
    24. Edit Visual Voicemail Service
    25. Show Images in Safari
    26. Add Find in Page Bookmark To Safari
    27. Edit Minimum Font Size
    28. Custom Font Size
    29. Enable/Disable Compose Message
    30. Enable/Disable Deferred Count
    31. Enable/Disable Show Preview
    32. Enable/Disable Repeat Alert
    33. Enable/Disable MMS Messaging
    34. Enable/Disable Show Subject Field
    35. Enable/Disable Show Email Address
    36. Enter Custom Email
    37. "Play Each Slide For" Slider
    38. Play Each Slide For {1 Sec-1 Min}
    39. Set Transition
    40. "Search iTunes" Input
    41. "Search App Store" Input
    42. Trigonometric Mode
    43. Restore
    44. Show Traffic
    45. Route Start is Atom
    46. "Route Start" Input
    47. "Route End" Input
    48. Debug{Show GPS If Known}
    49. Show Percentage
      Voice Memos
    50. Route To Speaker
    51. Temperatre Unit {C/F}
    52. "Search" Input
    53. Edit To Home
    54. Hide Battery Elements{Charging Notifiers}
    55. Reflective Dock
    56. Show/Hide How To Edit Home Screen Alert
    57. Show/Hide Low Power Alerts
    58. Enable/Disable Notifications
    59. Prioritize Spotlight Search Results
    60. Website Launcher
    61. Edit Double-Click Home Button Launch App(Built In Only)
    62. Edit Double Click To Launch App Store Apps
    63. Edit Double Click To Launch Cydia Apps(Set List)
    64. Edit Double Click To Launch Website(Set List)
    65. Custom Double Click Home Button Application Launch
    66. Enable/Disable Playlists
    67. Enable/Disable Lyrics
    68. Enable/Disable Sync Copilations
    69. Set Repeat
    70. Enable/Disable Song Shuffling
    71. Enable/Disable Shake To Shuffle
    72. Enable/Disable iPod Hi-Fi
    73. Enable/Disable Album Cover Panel
    74. Enable/Disable LockScreen Controls
    75. Set Video Playback Size{Wide,Full,Stretch}
    76. Enable/Disable Videos On Launch
    77. Set TV Output
    78. Set EQ
      Mobile Substrate
    79. Respring
    80. Supreme App Reveal
    81. Supreme Security
    82. Supreme Controls
    83. Enable/Disable Page Indicators
    84. Show/Hide Icon Labels
    85. Set Dock Space(Resprings immediately When Changed)
    86. Set Showing of Music Info(Status Bar)
      Status Bar
    87. Set Custom Carrier Name Input
    88. Custom Carrier Shortcuts(Preset List)
    89. Enable/Disable White Loader Wheel
    90. Enable/Disable Fake Time String
    91. Set Fake Time Shortcuts (Preset List)
    92. Set Custom Fake Time String Input
    93. Enable/Disable Numerical Signal Bars
    94. Enable/Disable Numerical Wi-Fi Bars
    95. Enable/Disable Numerical Battery Percentage
    96. Set Brightness
    97. Set Auto Dim
    98. Set Auto Dim in Call
    99. Set Auto Lock
    100. Enable/Disable Auto Dim & Auto Lock
    101. Set Touch Settings
    102. Use 24Hour Time(Military Time)
    103. Enable/Disable Emoji in Languages
    104. Follow iMarrio on Twitter
    105. Donate With Paypal
    106. View Credits
    2009-07-18 10:25 AM
  2. iMario16's Avatar
    2009-07-18 11:29 AM
  3. TheOnlyest's Avatar
    Nifty List! but more importantly, it would be nice to know exactly what half that stuff DOES!
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!
    2009-07-18 10:41 PM
  4. kwickone's Avatar

    Does anyone know if The Messages>Repeat Alert will confict/duplicate the reminders from other apps. In my case I use Intelliscreen, which has repeat reminders for email, calendar, text,etc.

    Should I disable SP3 "Repeat Alert", or will that disable the IS alerts too?

    2009-07-18 11:12 PM
  5. austinmation's Avatar
    I would like to customize the double click home button to function with Orbit, I tried to use: "doubletap://com.steventhroughtonsmith.orbit" did a respring/reboot to play safe, but it failed.

    I wonder if customizing the plist would help, but I cannot locate the file. Anyone can highlight the path out?

    2009-10-28 03:59 AM