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    Heh....I just sent Mario an email asking about a repo for Supreme S, then started searching and found this thread.

    I'm using Supreme Preferences 3 v1.0 and haven't seen any issues. Cellular Data Editing already works for me, as does pretty much any of the options in there. Really not sure why Mario is saying it was a "failure"? I think it was darn great, IMO, for whatever that's worth.

    I'm leaving it on my 3Gs and waiting for Supreme S to come out on a repo, as I hate dealing with deb files, and frankly, the version I have is working just fine.

    Hopefully, though, when Supreme S *is* finally released on a repo, it shows up as an "upgrade" or "update" and Cydia handles everything nice and smooth for me. I like easy.

    edit: Although I do admit, my WiFi connection @ home (using an 802.11n router running DD-WRT) is pretty crappy for some reason; don't think it's Supreme Prefs however, since @ work we have the same router running the same formware, and it's solid there. Gave up trying to figure it out and just stay on 3G pretty much all the time.
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    Thread closed Per OP request.
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