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    This app is not for you serious folks out there. If you are looking for a mature, high quality game, this is not for you; however if youíre looking for a quick cheap laugh with your friends this app is great. This app is basically a joke application oriented around an awkward hand gestureÖ think moving your hand up and down rapidly while holding your iPhone >.<. The game accomplishes this by having you bounce the ball off of the top and bottom of the screen 100 times as fast as possible (the ball responds to gravity and hand movements). This game is absolutely hilarious to give to your friends when they donít know that itís a joke app, only to realize how ridiculous they look when playing the game. I created a room full of laughter with my first demonstration as I was playing the game. It was only when the whole room started laughing and asking what I was doing that I realized this wasnít some pointless game, and understood the slightly shrewd references on the description page. Cheap laugh says it all to me Ė I thought the hilarity was well worth 99 cents, however only if you have a broad sense of humor is this app for you.

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    2009-08-07 06:22 AM