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    Comment: I conducted a little experiment. I installed the VM plist hack and afterwards I removed the "safe launch daemons" to see what kind of performance I could get. After several days of trying this I found my system is much more stable with the launch daemons installed. I had at various times Cydia, Winterboard, Rock launching Safe Mode. This stopped after I reinstalled the safe launch daemons back. Of course, it was NEVER adviced to do this, it was only reccomended to remove the safe ones without using the VM hack. Just sharing my experience. I have no problems so far with the VM hack. I never tested to see if just removing the safe daemons would give me what I was looking for, the VM hack does it for me.
    2009-11-27 07:36 PM
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    2009-11-27 11:31 PM
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    I have uninstalled VM and done the safe launch daemons trick. Memory performance seems about par for a 2g but responsiveness is definitely increased. no crashing at all.
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    2009-11-27 11:35 PM
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    See what did I say, I've tryed the VM and it was slowing my phone down and it almost totally fu*ked up my phone to the point I though it was done for, it took me like 4 hrs to get it to restore unlike normal restore which before started instantly, but its your guys phone and you can do what you want.

    Oh desepticon are you in Jersey with that little wolf comment, just wondering because obviously I am, Im in south Jersey an area called Waretown.
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    2009-11-27 11:49 PM
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    Maybe there's a performance difference between a 2g and 3g, not sure. The VM hack is working fine for me. Removing the "safe launch daemons" is what brought some trouble.
    2009-11-28 01:23 AM
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    I am using the Chinese hack and have between 40mb and 70mb all of the time. Haven't noticed any decrease in performance. I'll try this for a few days.
    2009-11-28 03:27 PM
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    I've also done the "remove unused localizations" trick described elsewhere on this site and seen some additional performance increase. Theres even a little terminal script that someone made that can do it for you and back up the localizations to a .tar file.

    I loved the amount of memory I was getting with iphoneVM, but there were quite a few lagging issues when the swap files were being created. (.plist method). Anyone notice a difference with the chinese method? Also, im definitely hesitant about the damage warning. How long would you have to use this to see flash drive failure.

    (im from NY actually. but im living in UT right now.)
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2009-11-28 06:37 PM
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    Whats up decepticon the VM hacks, I've read from other forums about it could take a year to five years to totally destroy the RAM memory, as for the Chinese one I used that on the most because it has a toggle and you can choose the swap file size, plus it showed more free memory, but I think this one is more dangerous its not regulated by a .plist and its just as laggy if not more laggy then the .plist version. I dont recommend any VM hacks at all they'll lead to nothing but trouble.
    2009-11-28 07:39 PM
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    Some of this reminds me of "overclocking" processors back in the day. Some folks kept a modest use of the tools and overcloked to the next "logical" speed to get a modest increase. Some nuts put "pedal to the metal" and burned their processors. As with ANY mods, proceed with caution. But for me, I envision (knock on wood) getting a new iPhone or whatever every year, I will keep this one for now.
    2009-11-28 09:46 PM
  10. desepticon's Avatar
    Also, just to note: with the localization and launch daemon tricks I've also seen much better battery life.
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2009-11-28 10:07 PM
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    Also, just to note: with the localization and launch daemon tricks I've also seen much better battery life.
    I've already removed my launch daemons. But, how do I remove 'unused localizations'? What is that and how can I remove these to increase performance?
    2009-11-30 10:23 PM
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    I have been using the iPhoneVM for a week or two, and I haven't really had any problems. Just that SBSettings takes way longer then 5sec to free memory and also after it has freed the memory, the RAM drops to 25-35MB and freezes for about 10sec before it jumps up to 60-80MB and I'm finally able to close SBSettings again.
    I will remove iPhoneVM and try the .plist-version right now!

    EDIT: Remembered that when I'm listening to music or playing a game (or both) and get a call, sometimes I can't answer and the iPhone freezes and sometimes resprings.
    This is when I'm using the Chinese iPhoneVM.
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    2009-12-06 06:20 PM
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    I've been using the plist VM. Sometimes an app will crash, sending the phone into safe mode. Reboot clears this. There's always a lag after clearing memory. The phone deletes the vm files and re-creates them or purges them. I get the same reaction in SBSettings. But all in all, not too bad.
    2009-12-06 08:17 PM
  14. SKELET1R's Avatar
    I feel that my iPhone is much faster with the .plist and also flows better.
    .:Stoned is the way of the walk:.
    2009-12-06 08:30 PM
  15. metaserph's Avatar
    I agree. I tried the Chinese vm first but it was a bit shaky for me. Plist is smoother.
    2009-12-06 08:46 PM
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    Ok all of you have me freaking out about this VMhack.. I just installed it today.. and as one said, i do a free memory and then 5min later it drops down to like 30mb.. whats up with that....

    So how do i uninstall it? I used terminal to install and put the hack in my root folder via ssh.. is it just a simple remove the hack via ssh and thats it, or would i have to go back through terminal to turn it off....

    if i have to go through terminal can someone point me to a link that shows how to reverse.. i dont wanna go searching all over, as this is freaking me out, so if you have seen a link, please post..



    what is the p-list hack? Out of the VM.deb file i have and the p-list which do you think is the 1) most stable 2) most responsive
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    2009-12-10 04:20 AM
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    To remove, first delete the CONTENTS, NOT the vm folder located at root/var/vm. THEN delete the VM hack from where you installed it. Reboot.
    2009-12-10 04:23 AM
  18. MrJayRizzie's Avatar
    the contents i have are at the root.... its a .deb file.. so you're saying to remove that content...... then delete the VM hack from where i installed it.....oh shoot..... i did the dpkg -i iphone code

    this is after i put the file in the root folder... then used terminal.. it installed.. not sure where.. but its probably the root/var/vm.. but then you say delete the hack from where i installed it..

    ok im lost now.. LOL!!

    the reason for all of this is bc I am trying to find a way to mobile Navigon... the new version released and im trying to decide if its the phone or the app... it moves soooo slow bt screens....

    so i thought freeing up memory would help... it doesnt.. but i still would like to free up memory for gaming.. true this isnt a psp.. but games like madden i would like to free up.. this phone comes with 128mb of memory and you mean to tell me we are only capped at 30!!!!

    What is taking the other 98mb of memory..granted phone and mail Apple claims to be open.. but geez...

    I just want something responsive and stable to free up memory... whats out there

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    2009-12-10 04:40 AM
  19. metaserph's Avatar
    Here's what to do:

    Open Cydia and uninstall it. (Should be at the very bottom of packages)
    Now SSH into your iPhone and navigate to var/vm/ and delete the swap files inside. (DO NOT JUST DELETE THE ENTIRE var/vm DIRECTORY – ONLY DELETE THE FILES INSIDE)
    Now navigate to System/Library/LaunchDaemons and delete the com.apple.dynamic_pager.plist file
    REBOOT iPhone.
    2009-12-10 04:40 AM
    Can't we get a VM .plist that allows RAM to drop below 30mb?


    2009-12-10 05:22 AM
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