1. SebSter's Avatar
    Can anyone help me out here? I wanna deactivate the SSH I originally installed through the natetrue batch file, so that I can install open SSH and use the toggle switch in the Services app.

    Anyone know what files I need to remove or how to do it?

    2007-09-25 10:19 PM
  2. jleidigh's Avatar
    If you just want to deactivate and no uninstall try UICtl and do an "unlaunch -w" of au.asn.acc.matt.dropbear assuming its in you list
    BUT read about UICtl before using as misuse can require a full restore and possibly even brick you phone. Also you may need to restart your phone after the unload -w, while this should not be the case for some reason I had to do this...little wierd
    2007-09-26 12:59 AM
  3. az1324's Avatar
    he said the old one which is started from dropbear.sh in /etc/init.d so the answer is delete that
    2007-09-26 02:55 AM