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    can someone give me the horontal and vertical setting,, and all other settings,, to be default,, cause mine i cant see on my tv at the first try then i change the setting randomly numbers i put, and now i see the output but its not fit to the screen,, all i can see is the top of the game,, that is at the bottom on my screen,, pls help,, thnx ASAP
    2011-10-17 04:50 PM
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    With this app is it possible to have the phone in portrait mode but display the video out in landscape mode? Like it does for videos using the native video app.
    2012-01-05 02:09 AM
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    Please Set up a new forum for discussion.....

    After unsuccessful TV Out on iPhone 2G 3.1.2 i installed WD5.1 IOS 3.1.3 and then installed Landscape TV Out from Cydia.

    i Did Following Settings:-

    Enable TV Out :- ON
    Force TV OUT :- ON
    TV OUT Compatibility Mode :- Hierarchy , 1 , Youtube /iPod = ON

    i got youtube working on my tv with no lag and screen on the iphone remains black only touch works. But no luck for iPod App only audio on TV.. i need to tweak more settings... Please anyone help me with Landscape TV Out settings.

    I also tried with TVOut2 Mirror but same as before Video mode is not working only Audio on TV..
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    2012-05-15 03:19 PM
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