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    Hey everyone, I'm a bit late announcing this but it can't hurt can it?

    Anyway my latest App, Out That Fire is now out in the App Store and is kindly hosted by ModMyi for all jailbroken devices.

    Its a simple "Whack a Mole" game with a tower block and windows on fire, simple enough objective, tap on the fires to put them out and gain points, see how high you can score in 60 seconds and then submit it to our High Scores, hosted by Agon Online.

    I myself have found it very addictive and fun especially aiming to get the number 1 score and many of my friends have said this as well, so we must be kinda right

    A little image to give you an idea of it

    and More info here

    Thanks for reading

    Naughty Ottsel
    2010-01-27 11:16 PM