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    Information taken from iTunes.... eJuice for iPhone, iPod touch

    ★★★★★ eJuice ★★★★★

    ■ The Electronic Cigarette Calculator
    ■ Recipe Database
    ■ Community
    ■ Online Shopping and more...

    If you haven't quit smoking "Analogs" yet, it's time!
    Switch to a Personal Vaporizer (Electronic Cigarette), this is a MUST HAVE application for you!

    ■ The Calculator:
    The eJuice Calculator gives you easy access to formulate custom "e-liquid" for your Electronic Cigarette. eJuice Calculator takes the guesswork out of mixing, lowering your nicotine, and changing formulas (PG/VG base liquid).

    ■ Recipe Database:
    The eJuice recipe database is populated with a few of our favorite eJuice recipes with the ability to Add/Modify/Delete recipes of your own.

    ■ The Community:
    Quitting Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. eJuice has a wealth of information available at your finger tips. The Community offers a mobile, fast and easy way to...
    ● View recent posts to the most Popular & Friendly Forums
    ● Shop Online in eJuice and Receive Great discounts
    ● Flavor Guide: DIY Flavors for Mixing your own "e-liquid"

    Website: K2 Design

    Hope you enjoy, let me know if there's features you would like added.
    2010-02-15 09:06 PM