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    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ifall/id355771878?mt=8

    iFall is here! I will be submitting a new update every week and currently organising the content which will appear in these so send or post back here your ideas for new features or touches you would like to see and it may well be added!

    Trouball is now half price until iFall 1.1 is released!

    1.1 is now in review! Here are the included features:

    - Clouds scenery
    - Control settings also shown at main menu
    - TriggerGames splash screen now vertically orientated
    - You can loop around the screen! Go off one side and come back on the other!
    - Drastically improved tilt controls which are far more responsive!

    Ok heres a list of features coming in 1.2:
    - Wind - Get blown out of control in the wrong direction!
    - Power Up Indicator - You'll start flashing when your power up is about to run out
    - Minor performance improvements
    - Moving Obstacles - Dodge moving obstacles as they fly past on the screen!

    Whats coming in 1.3:
    - Booster Power Up! This make you burn up as you shoot down at high speed destroying obstacles in your way and giving you a burst of points.
    - Point Bubbles - These don't appear very often so keep an eye out as they will give you more points.
    - On-screen guidance to show left and right buttons.

    While 1.1 focuses on improving you playing experience, I can confirm 1.2 and 1.3 will include more gameplay elements to add even more depth!

    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ifall/id355771878?mt=8

    If you have any feedback or need to get in contact feel free to post back here in the forum or visit my website: index

    I am planning to do my very best to respond to all of your feedback and improve the game to its best. Do your best to leave a review as I would greatly appreciate it, even if its just a star rating!


    Kind regards,
    Josh Kahane.

    Update 1.1 has now been approved and will shortly appear in the AppStore!
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