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    SuperCharged WORKS for IOS4


    SuperCharged 1.3.1 is out today...
    if you have purchased Supercharged please email me back with your confirmation number again and ill email you the updated version.
    when you email me let me know which one you want, with MemoryTap ( through activator ) or without.



    Here it is boys and girls...

    after many many " and i mean many " email asking for this tweak, i have decided to post it here and let everyone know about it and how to get it, just share the love and the speed.

    *now i will note that i'm 100% sure that someone will delete or close this thread... so allow me to say this before we start..

    this thread is made for people that want to get this tweak and have heard good and great things about it. it is not for discussion or to tell me how BAD you have HEARD it might be for your iDevice. there are many other threads out there talking about this so just join those threads and please dont hate here... this thread is for the fans only.

    any questions are welcomed and i will be more than happy to clarify.

    Whats the risks ?...

    now that being said let me clarify some things to you.

    this tweak uses disk writes, this tweak will super charge your iDevice for you.
    installing a tweak like this is like supercharging your car " quoting Z " you know it will decrease the life of your Device but it will give it the extra speed and extra performance you will need for it.
    so installing this tweak is a matter of your own decision, YOU want the extra speed? or no?
    some say it will shorten the life of the Device and give it 4-5 years of life only, in my case and many others i wont even have my Device for more than 12-15 months, apple always have a new one coming every year..


    Do you have a heavy theme?
    Do you want to have a heavy theme but scared to?
    Do you own a 3g or a 2g or even a 3Gs and want an app that is just too heavy ro run on that Device?
    Do you just want to own a fast none laggy smooth Device?
    Do you do you do you....! the answer is NOW YOU CAN... YES YOU CAN... how? Supercharged will do it for you.

    Whats SuperCharged ?

    now thats been cleared lets start talking about what it " SuperCharged " will do for you.

    SuperCharged is a tweak that will install a daemon on your phone that will do disk-writes and allow you to have extra speed and performance that your device was missing couse of the jailbraking process.

    it has also been noted that it will help with the battery performance too... allowing it to go down as low as 1% before deing VS 5% before the tweak.

    it will allow it to wake up on 2%-5% after deign VS 15% meaning there is no more 10-15 minute wait for your phone to come back on to be used.

    this tweak will give the Device an extra MB to allow it run smooth and fast...
    how fast? on a
    2g you will be blessed with 40-50 mb
    on a 3g you will run 65-75mb
    and on a 3gs you will have 180-200mb

    * please note that these numbers will vary from one device to another depending on what u have running and installed...

    SuperCharged will allow you to run as many apps in the background as you like plus have the biggest heaviest theme you always wanted but was too scared to install it.

    some are enjoying games on their 2g that they were never able to play before.

    SuperCharged is the only tweak you will need for your Device. no need to remove languages, no need to remove daemons, no need to remove anything. just install this tweak and thats it.


    *this tweak also comes with MemoryTap by DaveAshman " thanks " for allowing me to add it with this tweak to be used with activator...

    or you can just use SBSetting by bigboss from cydia.

    SuperCharged comes in a .deb format

    to install this tweak you need to SSH into your iDevice.
    You will need SBSettings or activator both can be found on Cydia

    Once you have SSH'd into the iDevice
    navigate to /tmp
    now place the deb file there.

    two methods to installation

    1: the easy way, using file from Cydia ( free ), open file and navigate to /tmp,
    a: click on the SuperCharged.deb
    b: choose the installer option.
    ** no if u got the SuperCharged by it's self without the MemoryTap then all you need to do is reboot you'r Device.
    b-a: Activate supercharged by SBSettings by freeing up memory from processes

    *** if you got SuperCharged with MemoryTap then continue reading.
    c: go to your settings app of your iDevice, navigate to activator and choose the gesture of activation and select MemoryTap
    d: Reboot your iDevice
    e-a: Activate supercharged by the gesture you chose with activator

    method 2: in terminal.

    ** you need to be logged into terminal as a super user..
    when it asks you for log in type su then your password.

    a: ssh the deb file into /tmp.
    b: in terminal type dpkg -i /tmp/SuperCharged.deb
    repeat c,d, and e from method one.


    * Activation method is your choice, activator is smoother and faster.

    ** if you have vroom installed remove it from the launched daemons and from var/ remove the whole folder.
    if you also have memorytap installed from cydia also remove it, this tweak comes with one that has been already packaged that has not been released to the public yet.

    *** by the end of isnstallestion process you should get a 0 as a result, if you do that means you have successfully installed your SuperCharged. any other numbers means you have an error.

    How to get it?

    all you need to do is send a $1.99 ( HERE ) once thats done email me back at [email protected] with your name and Unique Transaction ID # and i will email you back with the .ded.

    its that simple.

    please guys.. if you want fast replay just email me and don't pm me... i get my email to my phone but for some reason not my pm's

    Legal and Thanks...

    Attention please: this tweak uses disk writes.
    There has been zero reports of bugs out of thousands of happy customers.
    This tweak is available without warranty, you assume all risks of use of this tweak.
    I am not liable for any problems to your device caused by downloading of this tweak.
    i will offer full support at [email protected]

    Big thanks to Dave Ashman, for his memorytap, BigBoss for his freeing memory.

    Copyright– 2005, Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
    NOTE: Use of this source code is subject to the terms of the Software
    License Agreement for Mac OS X, which accompanies the code. Your use
    of this source code signifies your agreement to such license terms and
    conditions. Except as expressly granted in the Software License Agreement
    for Mac OS X, no other copyright, patent, or other intellectual property
    license or right is granted, either expressly or by implication, by Apple.


    here is a nice comment and review from hotstuff2 a member at X**** about VM mods that should clear any thoughts about it...

    first of all, before I say anything else, allow me to cite my experience and certifications. I'm a Computer Systems Engineer with a specialty in Security, and have done programming as well. My certifications include:
    (ISC)▓ SSCP & CISSP«-ISSEP certified
    CompTIA A+«, Network+«, Server+™, and Security+™
    Microsoft MOUS, MOS Master, MCP+I, MCDST, MCSA Security, MCSE Security
    Granted, none of those are explicitly hardware or programming, but it gives you an idea that I might have experience and know something about what I'm going to say. I've worked for several Fortune 100 companies, alongside some of the best and brightest hardware engineers out there, and have had many, many discussions with them on flash RAM *and* hard drive platters, and the lifecycle of writes both are capable of. One thing I like to tell people (when they ask me how long a given hard drive or flash device will last) is something an engineer at Seagate once told me:

    "A hard drive (or flash drive) has an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 5 years, give or take 5 years."

    I (and I'm sure many of you as well) have had hard drives/flash drives/phones die within 3 months of breaking the seal on a brand-new one, without any mods. I also have several phones (notably the Motorola Razr) that have lasted me several years, with heavy use (and mods, in my case.) I even have a few (SCSI) hard drives that are over 15 years old, still running strong 24x7 in my server tower.

    Now, as for this (or Vroom, or any other mod like this) "shortening" the lifespan of your device, that's BS. Yes, the chip manufacturers say that each one can be written to, say, something like 150,000 to 250,000 times. However, that's an average capability, not an absolute number. Some chips will fail after 10,000 writes. Others will last beyond 1,000,000. Furthermore, the "failure" doesn't mean it will stop working entirely, just that at least one write didn't work properly. It will continue to work beyond that (I've seen it happen, as described below.) How long does yours have? Good guess. The way the manufacturers test the chips (and I also worked for Jabil Circuit, back in 1999; they make a majority of circuit boards and chips for a major portion of the sector), is that they run a batch of somewhere around 15,000 - 25,000 chips. At a random point in the process, they'll pull 100-250 chips off the line, and run them through the testing procedure. If 80% of the chips can be written to 200,000 times without a write failure, they're stamped as "pass", and given the "150,000 - 250,000 MTBF capability" (margin of error being ~25% generalized.) They're not tested beyond that many writes. Seriously. I've actually participated in the testing procedure and watched it be done - and yes, I've seen an entire run of chips be destroyed because only 79% of the chips passed the MTBF test. Just an FYI, computer CPUs are done the same way - which is why some CPUs can be overclocked more than others, although it's a slightly different testing process; just as a side point, I'll explain: if the CPU is rated for, say, 2.4GHz, and the test run fails at that speed, the CPU is clocked to the next-lowest number, say, 2.2GHz, and tested again. If they pass, the entire run is stamped as 2.2GHz, even though they were originally 2.4GHz, or even higher. I once say a run of 3.2GHz Intel P4 processors get stamped as 1.8GHz speeds because of this. AMD is worse at quality control than Intel, which is also why AMD processors are typically capable of higher overclock speeds than Intel chips.)

    Will this mod "kill" your device? Will it make it "shitty for the buyer" if you sell your iPhone in a year? For 99.8% of you, absolutely, positively not. Will your iPhone die within 4-5 years? Probably, even without this mod. Will it last 10 years? Probably. Your iPhone/iPod device really isn't any different than the laptop I'm typing on now. Trust me when I say that not only is my laptop on 24x6.99, it's in use a good 18 hours a day, every day. It's about a year old, but it'll last several more years (I won't have it, of course - I upgrade frequently - but my kids or someone else will be using it, just as they're using my other hand-me-down devices.) I have an iRiver iHP-120 (later called the H20, because Hewlett-Packard, aka HP, actually sued iRiver over the "iHP" name - even though iRiver was using it LONG before HP was doing anything involving music.) I should have gotten the 140gb model, but I bought it on clearance at Best Buy back in the day for $130 + tax. Mine's still pristine, not a single scratch on it, kept in a nice rubberized case. I use it as my "master storage" for MP3 files (I don't have more than 20gb of music anyway), and it's used frequently to copy music between my computers and my iPhones. It's one of the best MP3 players ever made, notable because it has digital audio out - have you seen that option on an MP3 player? Lots of DJs and other people (karaoke guys mostly) snatch these up on eBay whenever they can, and it still commands a premium price because of the digital audio out. It's working perfectly fine, and it's 5+ years old. I have two iRiver H20 players (also bought on clearance, but from Staples); those were the "upgrade" to the H20, but lacked digital audio out. Both of them died within months of buying them brand-new; turns out there was a problem with the hard drives used (and it was a common problem.) I'm looking at one of them right now, and plan to work on it today to give to my son (who's already lost one iPhone 2G, had another 2G stolen, and this was his old MP3 player.) See my point? (edit: Just cranked the H20 up, which hasn't been turned on in probably ~3 years, and it's working fine, even though the last time I turned it on, it was throwing errors with the hard drive. Go figure. My son's happy, now he has a working MP3 player at least.)

    Now, with all that being said and done, I'm running these Mobile Substrate Addons:
    Mserver (Both this and the previous one are for MCleaner, which I'm not really using, so I might get rid of it since iBlackList does the job nicely and has all the same functions.)
    VoicemailForwarding3 (Yep, the VoicemailForwarding app works on 3.1.2/3.1.3, you just have to put the files in place manually instead of installing via the .deb file.)
    Whew, 49! That's a whole bunch'a Mobile Substrate Addons, eh?

    I checked my available memory before installing this mod (I ran MemTool and had it clean first as well); ~131mb:

    I installed it and rebooted, and had 190mb (which then dropped to 188mb, then to 189mb):

    However, sitting here helping my son install Windows 7 on a spare laptop, my phone hard rebooted on it's own. After it rebooted, I did the same process; after MemTool, I have 113mb free RAM (why there's 18mb less than before I don't know.) Ran this script again, and it shows 173mb (then dropped to 172mb, where it stayed.) The iPhone has been sitting here for ~20 minutes now and hasn't rebooted on it's own again, so maybe just a fluke before...I don't notice any lag in typing, but I'm also not seeing a huge gain in anything, either. I'll let my son play some games on it (something heavy-duty, I have several installed.) I'll test it out over the next few days, see if I notice anything more zippy.

    I just ran the mod again, after respringing; 192mb free. And the phone hasn't rebooted on it's own again, so yeah, I'm going with "fluke" on that single time it did.

    Anyway, if you read all this, sorry for the book. But my point is: don't be afraid to install this; it's not going to do anything your device isn't already capable of. Think of it as running a marathon; you're capable of it, but most of you just haven't done it, right? Some of you can't, because maybe you've had a heart attack, are overweight, or some other reason, but most of you probably could, correct? Same analogy applies to this mod.

    Have fun.
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    2010-04-08 07:40 PM
  2. byron686's Avatar
    Well I have been using this for a while now and guess what guys IT WORKS !!! Have no complaints and nothing has gone wrong whilst using it go on give it a try..

    2010-04-08 08:13 PM
  3. fatsnake's Avatar
    why are you charging 2$ for something that was free
    2010-04-08 08:44 PM
  4. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    sorry... what was free?
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    2010-04-08 08:47 PM
  5. tosbsas's Avatar
    how did you get david and bigboss on board? They were barking at you before
    2010-04-08 08:47 PM
  6. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    i dont remember david barking at anyone before...

    anyways.. lets keep it about the tweak and not me and the past..
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    2010-04-08 08:51 PM
  7. moon#pie's Avatar
    lol. I remember when this was vroom. I
    2010-04-08 08:52 PM
  8. SnowLeo's Avatar
    wait so could someone please explain to me the difference between this and vroom? I donated for vroom and I remember you saying you were gonna have an update for it. Is this the update? If I purchased vroom do I still have to pay for this?

    Oh and ibnyaffa what sbs theme are you using? is that the one that can with iOS or is that a different one because I thought the iOS one looked diff.
    2010-04-08 08:53 PM
  9. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    this is not vroom... this is the successor of vroom... it runs faster and smoother..

    and if you paid ME for vroom then email me with your donation confirmation, but if you paid for it throu appsidy on cydia then you should have received a refund for it.. if not then contact appsidy and ask for it..

    again this is not vroom..
    Twitter and Ping: ibnyaffa
    2010-04-08 08:59 PM
  10. SnowLeo's Avatar
    Thanks just sent the email w/ confirmation. Its [email protected] right?
    loved the mod so far cant wait to try supercharged

    wait so the tweak is only activated thru the activation method or is that just how you activate the free memory?

    Edit: Just got your email thanks so much trying out right now..
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    2010-04-08 09:12 PM
  11. kph12's Avatar
    Been using it for a couple weeks now. Works great!
    2010-04-08 09:14 PM
  12. SnowLeo's Avatar
    Ok I have everything in the right place and removed vroom then installed and got result of zero..... but its not in my settings... do I reboot before or after enabling in activator because memory tap isnt showing up in activator b4 rebooting...
    2010-04-08 09:24 PM
  13. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    Ok I have everything in the right place and removed vroom then installed and got result of zero..... but its not in my settings... do I reboot before or after enabling in activator because memory tap isnt showing up in activator b4 rebooting...
    after please...
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    2010-04-08 09:28 PM
  14. SnowLeo's Avatar
    oh thanks mustve read the instructions wrong my bad. but is it only activated thru the method or is that just the free mem part?

    yeah you should fix the instructions thou because it says to choose the activator method b4 it says to reboot
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    2010-04-08 09:33 PM
  15. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    you can do it through sbsettings... or through memtap... i prefer memtap cuz its smoother and better.. buts its up to you.
    Twitter and Ping: ibnyaffa
    2010-04-08 09:34 PM
  16. SnowLeo's Avatar
    Awesome got it working and loving the 180mbs

    but wait so it doesnnt run all the time like vroom did?
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    2010-04-08 09:35 PM
  17. ibnyaffa's Avatar
    Awesome got it working and loving the 180mbs

    but wait so it doesnnt run all the time like vroom did?
    lol... yes it does... again this is the successor of vroom... think of it this way... this is vroom on steroids.
    Twitter and Ping: ibnyaffa
    2010-04-08 09:41 PM
  18. SnowLeo's Avatar
    oh ok nvm yep now with safari open and music playing doing normal stuff I stay around 160 mbs which is up from the 135-140 I had with vroom... up from the 85 w/o either lol. after freeing mem I get around 180-190. works exactly as advertised cept havent hit 200 yet Lol but thats ok because I have LS widgets and 72 mobile substrates running on mine(:

    lol this is vroom on roids.... and vroom is iphone on roids.... so does that mean this mean its the iphone on chuck norris?
    2010-04-08 09:46 PM
  19. metaserph's Avatar
    Purchased and installed about a week ago, after having used Vroom for a while and before that having used the iPhone VM plist mod. Vroom was better, for me, than the VM plist and Supercharged is better, for me, than Vroom. Kudos IBN, I reccomend this to anyone!
    2010-04-08 09:58 PM
  20. battlecrushr's Avatar
    btw i deleted the other thread as it was the same thing
    2010-04-08 10:10 PM
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