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    hCalendar is perfect for those who frequently go around the world on business-related travel and leisure trips. It allows people to keep track of their schedules and gives them convenient access to information on holidays from different countries.

    hCalendar is a utility application designed and developed for both iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platforms. This application provides access to information on the various holidays observed in 60 countries around the world at a touch of a finger, allowing users to properly schedule business trips and personal vacations around the given dates.

    It offers the following features:
    • Preloaded holidays from over 60 countries
    • Detailed information on all holidays, accessible through iPhone’s built-in mobile browser
    • Notes for calendar entries
    • Three calendar views (Month, Week, and Date formats)
    • Sharing of calendar information via e-mail

    hCalendar features a simple and user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use even for those unfamiliar with iPhone applications. Plus, it comes loaded with several chic and contemporary background themes that users may choose from to fit their personalities and reflect their preferred styles.

    hCalendar is available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running firmware version 3.0 and higher. It can now be downloaded on the iTunes AppStore for only $0.99. For more information on hCalendar, visit Full Service Marketing Agency | Interactive Design | Custom Creative Design | PODD
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