1. PSYC0TIC ONE's Avatar
    for those that are requesting a silent icon, i found your solution...

    hold the phone in your hand, turn it to the right, there is a little switch, if you see the orange line, you're on silent... lol (sorry, couldn't resist)

    We are ALL looking forward to Open Notifier! I'm following you on Twitter and your updates are one of the biggest reasons I check Twitter every morning on my way to work.
    he hasn't accepted my "follow request" i feel left out... lol
    2010-10-17 12:16 AM
  2. TheOnlyest's Avatar
    Well damn dude, overreact much?? Are you seriously surprised that myself and others find the repeating alerts, the most redeeming thing about Notifier? Are you also unaware that even the old Notifier still does everything BUT that?

    Its safe to assume that most people like myself ASSUMED when you drop a hint like "i'm bringing Notifier back", that we assume the return of repeating alerts?? There is nothing slamming about me saying that "you burst my bubble" when you drop the bomb that there will in fact NOT be repeating alerts in your utility!

    Think of it like this... You are told that you just won a million dollars in the lottery, a few minutes later, that person says "oops, my bad, its only $1000.00". You'd still be happy, but not QUITE as excited as you were a few minutes ago!

    The only slam I made in my post, was on Spektro! Don't be so sensitive bro, none of your time is wasted.

    Why do I even bother? Look, I'm trying bring back one of the most essential, FREE extensions to iOS since no developers have taken it on. I have spent days worth of hours so far learning iPhone development. Can't you be a LITTLE more grateful? I am doing everything I can to make this an incredible extension, but I'm not an app wizard like Ryan Petrich or David Ashman (whom I have been getting assistance from).
    Last edited by TheOnlyest; 2010-10-17 at 03:24 AM.
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!
    2010-10-17 03:21 AM
  3. soundisgood's Avatar
    n00neimp0rtant, Thanks man. Also before you get too mad check out TheOnlyest's signature. I don't think he doesn't appreciate what your doing... He's just excited.
    2010-10-21 07:33 AM
  4. floridaguy's Avatar
    Im still learning, but is there any setting that I am missing where the new mail will alert will wake up the phone? I have elert and wouldn't have to press anything if I hear the tone/vibrate for new mail and it wakes up for me to see the email preview. I had it before I upgraded my os now I'm really missing it! Thanks
    2010-10-28 07:00 PM
  5. Nefarious's Avatar
    Looking forward to this being released
    2010-10-30 03:49 PM
  6. golfing7861's Avatar
    What will this do?
    2010-10-30 08:36 PM
  7. chrislouter's Avatar
    I'm looking forward too, still no release date????
    Who the hell thanked me? And why?????
    2010-11-01 11:03 PM
  8. SnowLeo's Avatar
    accept my twitter request. Im @jebussel
    2010-11-02 01:09 AM
  9. D to the M's Avatar
    He tweeted hes completely rewriting it. It will be good. be patient.
    2010-11-02 03:53 AM
  10. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Just to let you guys know, I'm pretty sure I've got the code just about ready for release. All I'm doing now is waiting on another dev to patch a bug in his preference bundle and my code should lock right into it.

    I'm also going to release package with a few additional tweaks to make your ON experience better for $2. (I'm overwhelmed with classes and I squeeze in development whenever I can; I'm going to have massive loans to repay that were, ironically, taken out for the purpose of helping me acquire the knowledge to make stuff like this. With your support I can keep going to school and eventually make more stuff)

    Also, please be patient. The reason it's taking this long is because I was thinking of you guys. I could have (and was planning to) just release the extension and icon packages and letting you fend for yourself for configuration; instead, Stimpy5050 convinced me preferences were the way to go, so that's what is going to happen.
    2010-11-02 04:06 AM
  11. lenny_xenicus's Avatar
    Thanks for all the effort you've put into this n00neimp0rtant - a lot of people are really going to appreciate it. Can't wait to see Open Notifier in Cydia
    2010-11-02 08:37 AM
  12. enono's Avatar
    need this badly! any release date available? thx!
    2010-11-05 05:09 PM
  13. 1jono's Avatar
    Notifier for ios is out on Cydia now! $1.99
    Using now and works great!!
    2010-11-07 02:14 PM
  14. DIP80's Avatar
    Perfect for 4.0.1, really thanks to n00neimp0rtant
    2010-11-08 01:48 AM
  15. chrislouter's Avatar
    I don't think Notifier+ is the same thing as spoken about here is it???? Btw, I tried it but the silent switch wasn't working, and that's what I want most.
    Who the hell thanked me? And why?????
    2010-11-08 02:18 AM
  16. oscahie's Avatar
    Yep, I think it's two different apps made by two different devs...

    BTW chrislouter the silent switch icon works for me (iPhone 4 on 4.1).
    2010-11-08 02:23 PM
  17. Bebbis's Avatar
    Just tried Notifier+. FINALLY! Finally I have my silent icon back in the status bar!

    It works perfectly, like it used to, but you have to turn it on after installing (like you used to).

    Find the Notifier+ icon, and press it. There in the top right corner, hit the Settings button.

    There change the "Use Silent Icon" line from Off to On

    Bingo! A silent icon in IOS 4! Woohoo!
    2010-11-08 02:33 PM
  18. andsoitgoes's Avatar
    I can't find notifier + anywhere in modmyi, big boss, etc.

    Where can I find it? Maybe under another name? Source? Etc?
    2010-11-08 10:23 PM
  19. GasAddict's Avatar
    It's Notifier+ not Notifier +

    Maybe that will help? It's on the BigBoss repo.
    2010-11-08 11:34 PM
  20. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Notifier+ is NOT mine; OpenNotifier is still in development. Believe it or not, there's only about 2 bugs left to fix before initial release. And keep in mind--it's both free, AND supports any icons for any apps you want, as long as you can install them from Cydia, provide them, or make them yourself.

    It's also nice to know my hopes and dreams of having an essential tweak in Cydia are now crushed :<
    Last edited by n00neimp0rtant; 2010-11-08 at 11:42 PM.
    2010-11-08 11:36 PM
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