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    Quite simply-will AT&T know we are using it? I just missed the unlimited data plan but instead I have 2gigs but I have wifi at home, so I don't get even close go using up my data gigs.

    Upon reading other similar threads on Google, some are saying Att will know???

    It breaks our contracts???

    Basically-can you users of MyWi please school me? Got the free trial and would find much use for this app.

    Thank MMi!!!!
    2010-10-27 09:01 PM
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    Anyone? Haha

    OK,I googled this topic and actually found a lot about it. One of the topics was actually from this board but others from say Mac Rumors etc.

    Some seem to think ATT DOES know but others say they use it a lot or a little and find no discrepancies in billing.

    I just can't see ATT coming at someone for using it but to pay $20 extra a month for it?! That's insane. I missed the bus on unlimited data and have 2gigs instead.

    I could really use this app but I'd hat to get burned (somehow) by the folks at ATT........
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    2010-10-28 06:12 PM