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    We are looking for beta testers! For information about our app go here.

    If you are interested in signing up take our quick survey here.

    Thanks for your help!

    If any one has questions about the app or beta program feel free to ask.
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    Any questions?
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    i want to try this. i seems cool.
    2011-03-14 08:21 PM
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    you wasted 5 minutes of your life joining this forum just so you could write this:


    I recently joined this forum I enjoy listening all kind of music very much and pretty much everything that goes around in J.B lifes. I'm a Crazy bieber fan, so when I can I read everything about him! OMFG he's so Cool
    Did you guys saw that blog of justin? Its definitely the best website on the planet :P!!! Daaamn, check out yourself! news about justin bieber there are a bunchhh of news and lyrics it's crazayyyy

    but yah, my name is catherine and if you are a fan of Justin bieber as I do, you will LOVE that blog.

    see ya
    2011-03-14 08:48 PM