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    MediaBurner is an iphone app to watch/download videos from video sites and podcast feeds.

    • Subscribe to your favorite rss feeds from Youtube.com, Dailymotion.com, Veoh.com, Vimeo.com, Podcasts etc.
    • Play video/audio online
    • Download multipule videos/audios simultaneously for offline watching
    • Search video from video sites (Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh)
    • Download resume and no file size limit

    Visit support URL: Support forum / MediaBurner for more usage help

    Get the app for free: search Cydia with keyword "mediaburner"

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    2011-01-25 10:22 AM
  2. ChicoBlack's Avatar
    Bandw let me ask you a question. I have experienced a problem while watching a video in which the screen turns green after the video starts to play for a few seconds. It gets aggravating especially when a friend with a stood was next to me who started talking crap. Would this app fix it or is it another issue
    2011-01-25 11:54 PM
  3. bandw's Avatar
    Hi ChicoBlack, I think the video you are watching is showing the green frame, it's not an issue
    Have you try to play more other videos?
    2011-01-26 04:14 AM
  4. ChicoBlack's Avatar
    I have tried several other vids from the same site and the same thing happens. Another thing that happens is that it freezes safari as well. I don't know if it is the site itself but it is weird.
    2011-01-26 05:02 AM
  5. bandw's Avatar
    Can you post more detail? any screenshot? or the steps that I can follow to check the prolbem. In addition, I' don't think MediaBurner has anything to do with safari.
    2011-01-26 05:18 AM