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    Download link:
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    Blog: WinterSled: WinterSled
    Video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f7SciqL_j8]YouTube - WinterSled: WinterBoard alternative[/ame]
    WinterSled is a WinterBoard alternative.
    This requires terminal, and some basic commands such as sed, gawk, awk, and maybe a few others.

    I made a script to install themes (Just the icons/TelephonyUI/SpringBoardUI for now). This is a command line script, and needs terminal, and a few dependancies from push doctor (idk what, just run new to see if you get any errors)
    This is entirely made by me, and it is free
    This is only tested on whited00r 4.x (should work if you used pwnage tool though)(I don't have a mac to test)
    It will back up, then install themes from winterboard.

    I think this is the right place to post this. If not, please let me know!
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    2011-01-30 03:36 AM
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    Looks cool! Will try it out when I get a chance. Just a heads up your DL link in the thread got cut off (missing last 4 chars). The link on your blog worked.
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    2011-01-30 03:43 AM
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    Ok! Thanks for the heads up!
    2011-01-30 03:57 AM
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    what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages with wintersled vs winterboard?
    2011-02-02 05:08 AM
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    WinterSled advantages: No slow down of you device, nothing constantly running, way faster than manually theming.
    WinterSled disadvantages: No UIImages support, no app insides are themable yet (going to ad that back again after my vacation), Not every AppStore icon gets themed (Because the icons can now be called a lot of things. I added the names I know of that they are called though.) No GUI yet (looking into that as well. Might take a while though), can't apply multiple themes at once (B/C then the backups wouldn't work), no direct download from cydia of themes, no HTML support, or changing of plist values. (I might be able to add the plist though)

    WinterBoard advantages: More user friendly, Can apply multiple themes at once, UIImage support, inner ui support (and advantage just for now), direct download from cydia of themes, HTML and plist changing support
    WinterBoard disadvantages:Slows down your device alot! Needs dependancies, which also slow down your device. Aside from that, not much else :/
    2011-02-02 05:21 PM
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    it's not working for me at all..
    this is the only error I get.

    ######---Cataloging System apps---######
    find: /var/stash/Applications: No such file or directory

    it never finds anything to replace...

    No custom icon for Orbattle
    No custom icon for FingerPhysics
    No custom icon for iPhone pzizz
    No custom icon for MonsterVolley
    No custom icon for Swing
    No custom icon for Bump
    No custom icon for Formulae
    No custom icon for Apple Store
    No custom icon for Genius

    2011-02-05 09:21 PM
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    What jailbreak method did you use? Pwngtool or whited00r firmwares work, but any other method doesn't call it /Applications. They add extra charachters after it, so my script doesn't recognize it :/
    I'm working on a fix for that.
    2011-02-06 04:15 AM
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    I used pwnage 4.2.1

    I see what you mean.


    drwxrwxr-t 15 root admin 782 Feb 5 14:57 ./
    drwxrwxr-t 15 root admin 782 Feb 5 14:57 ../
    d-wx-wx-wt 2 root admin 68 Feb 3 23:28 .Trashes/
    ---------- 1 root admin 0 Jan 25 00:43 .file
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 30 Feb 4 06:51 Applications -> /var/stash/Applications.dEJPpy/
    drwxrwxr-x 2 root admin 68 Jan 25 03:18 Developer/
    drwxrwxr-x 21 root admin 918 Feb 4 14:44 Library/
    drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 102 Jan 25 03:10 System/
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 11 Feb 5 14:57 User -> /var/mobile/
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 1972 Feb 3 23:27 bin/
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root admin 68 Feb 3 23:27 boot/
    drwxrwxr-t 2 root admin 68 Jan 25 00:42 cores/
    dr-xr-xr-x 3 root wheel 1649 Feb 5 14:57 dev/
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 11 Jan 28 23:03 etc -> private/etc/
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    2011-02-06 05:56 PM
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    Ohhhhh.... Hmmmm.... I'm sorry I don't know why it wouldn't work. Whited00r uses pwnage tool :/ I will look around for a solution. I remember seeing one.
    2011-02-06 06:32 PM
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    I tried modifying the script and changing /var/stash/Applications to Applications.dEJPpy

    The Error went away, but I still don't get any themes to work.
    2011-02-07 06:55 PM
  11. bcooperizcool's Avatar
    That wouldn't do it for a fix.
    There is more than just changing that...
    2011-02-07 07:37 PM
  12. deleonju's Avatar
    That wouldn't do it for a fix.
    There is more than just changing that...
    Well, that's what I thought. but tried it anyway... ;-)
    2011-02-08 12:11 AM
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    Ya. I'm sorry I'll work on a new on that is compatible with all jailbreak methods, or include a function that changes *safely* the applications folder. (b/c I did it once to make it work right with something else)
    2011-02-08 02:13 AM
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    You should support the bundles method instead, that would solve your issues with icons not getting themed. Also you can support the app folder name, example. IMDB.app or MobilePhone.app
    If you don't like it, MOD IT!
    2011-03-19 04:47 AM
  15. bcooperizcool's Avatar
    I actually have been doing a lot of work on this. I succefully theme the inner UI, appstore apps, fix for all jailbreak methods, and have made speed improvements. I am working on speeding it up even more, then going to make the download link non-private.

    What bundles method? For ios4 you mean? I don't have a device capable of running 4.x to test it out on, so it would take forever even if I could find someone willing to help out.

    That is already in use... Just maybe not in the way you are thinking of. It lists all the apps installed into a text file, then checks /Icons for $name.png, then checks to see if /Applications/$name.app/icon.png exists. That is the old method though, I have made speed improvements for the second run. Just need to debug it.
    2011-03-19 04:54 AM
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    What I mean by the bundles method, read all installed apps info.plist files and get the CFBundleIdentifier, it's a unique string and would make it faster then doing all the checking. You can also integrate AppLinks and it creates links to the app folders, Amazon.app or Convertbot.app.

    Here are sample bundle ids.

    What do you mean inner UI, does that mean I can mod UIKit without winterboard, replace the dialer images and other general UI images. Wouldn't you need to edit the .artwork files?
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    2011-03-19 09:12 AM
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    It only has to check once, but can you do that with shell/bash scripting? thats a good idea.
    No, like the calculator and loading screens and such.

    I really only know shell scripting well (aside from html stuff), and even that isn't that much. I basically learnt how to script again to make this :P.

    So, until such a point as I have to time, or resources to learn obj-c, I can't really make it more powerful than shell scripting can handle

    I have an idea for a gui of sorts, using plist execution though...
    2011-03-19 08:48 PM
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    Well what I do is have have MyAppName.app/Icon.png and other images,
    in var/mobile. Then run AppLinks and refresh. It creates shortcuts in var/mobile/AppLinks.

    What you could do is have your script copy the folders listed in var/mobile/theme to var/mobile/AppLinks.

    The only problem is the AppLinks folders are setup like this:
    If you just copy the folders to AppLinks/Amazon.app/ the images will be in the root folder. I hope this all makes sense.

    It will solve your problem but people would need to do the work before hand, however AppLinks makes it pretty easy. It took me about 1/2 hour to convert my theme from bundles to app folder names, it was worth it. It's a time > memory trade off.

    More time in the beginning setting up your theme, less memory used because you don't have winterboard installed.

    Another way to keep winterboard but benefit, turn off summerboard mode, Your theme must use the bundles method, it cannot use Icons. However it's worth doing the work because bundles method is faster and uses less memory also.
    Attached Thumbnails WinterSled: WinterBoard alternative-capture.png   WinterSled: WinterBoard alternative-2.png  
    If you don't like it, MOD IT!
    2011-03-24 05:28 AM