1. Ins0mniac's Avatar
    Does anyone know what the status of ActionMenu for 4.3 is? I used this app frequently on iOS 4.1, and since upgrading to 4.3, it's the only Cydia app I use that hasn't received an update to make it 4.3 compatible (leaving Celeste broken as well, which thankfully I don't care about, but I'd be pissed if I'd paid $10 for).

    I've tried contacting the developer Ryan Petrich about it, to ask if it's on the way (that's all I want to know) but he doesn't answer my emails or twitter questions concerning it. Funnily enough he'll answer questions about pretty much anything else!

    All I want to know is: Will this app ever receive an update? Or has it been abanonded? If it's the latter I'm going to buy XPndr as that's the closest thing I can find to take the place of the old "favorites" menu of ActionMenu. I'm getting sick of typing in my email address all the time!

    Can anyone shed some light on this please?
    2011-05-05 01:46 AM
  2. bondkt's Avatar
    couldn't agree mre. im am so pissed he won't update ANYONE on it and eont release an update.
    2011-05-05 02:58 AM