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    ### If you CAN PLAY AND RATE, please leave a message or PM me for free code. ###

    Bomb Ninja 's objective is to attack enemy Ninja and kill Boss with bombs!
    Levels starts from simple levels for beginners. Player has to carefully consider the bombing time and distance for each bomb. Player has to kill all enemy Ninja for next levels.
    Advanced level players will be challenged by shorter bombing time, longer bombing flames and Zombie boss. Player can also challenge self by faster game speed. As a reward, player can get extra points and more stars.
    Bomb Ninja has what all the arcade game should be; entertaining music background, eye catching graphic, a lot of fun levels, super action challenge. Surely fun and suitable for all ages.


    - Super Easy To Play : tap to move, double tap to put bomb
    - Auto Path-Finding : via just a single tap
    - Ultra Big Tile : 8x12 unit tile
    - Zombie Boss challenge!
    - 3 different speeds : for the bombing time
    - 30 Levels for Full version.

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