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    Hey all, If you liked the Mesvib haptic feedback tweak from the FW 3.x days, and haven't found a free vibration mod that's compatible with 5.x that suits your fancy, try this:

    Package: com.shminkyboy.itactios
    Name: iTactiOS
    Version: 0.3-1
    Depends: firmware (>= 3.1)
    Conflicts: com.nakedproductions.springvibe, com.sull.vibratemod, com.mes.vibrations, com.shminkyboy.itactios
    Installed-Size: 11
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
    Maintainer: [email protected]
    Author: ShminkyBoy
    Section: Tweaks
    Description: Tactile feedback for iPhone. 3.x, 4.x and 5.x compatible. This mod will add tactile feedback to your phone's keyboard and dialpad, along with some other tactile style tweaks. No icons are added to Springboard, enable/disable via the native Settings -> Sounds -> vibrate toggles. iTactiOS backs up the original settings and will restore them upon uninstall. Does NOT use winterboard to run.

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    Is it working ok for the guys/gals that tried it?

    Is it working ok on all models?

    Thanks for checking it out =)
    2011-05-23 01:10 PM
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    Just curious, because I already have HapticPro, is this any different/better?
    2011-05-24 06:16 AM
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    The differences between iTactiOS and paid solutions is that it doesn't use extra resources, and requires nothing (like Mes's package).. and is free =)

    It is also different than Mes's package in that it supports 3.x *and* 4.x... Other changes include:

    -Some of the vibration patterns' duration and quality have been changed a bit compared to Mes's package.
    -Some of the sound behaviors were changed a bit compared to Mes's package.
    -SilentVibrate & RingVibrate on/off options are more consistent in that toggling them off now shuts off the haptic feedback as well.
    -Files are installed from and backed up to the iTactiOS folder in /Library, rather than in the /System/.. folder tree

    Since this is a lightweight modification, there are no granular options, it's either on, or off.

    Like Mes, I am not planning on submitting this to MMI, for the same reasons (MMI requires a more elegant mobile substrate solution because plist files are modified). I just felt like sharing it because I wanted a 4.x compatible version of Mes's package, and felt others might too =D I just tweaked things more to my preference while i was at it =D
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    OK, thanks.
    2011-05-24 11:27 AM
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    Updated first post, minor cleanups.. version bumped up to 0.2-1, enjoy =)
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    2011-07-16 04:23 AM
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    Updated to 0.3-1, first post updated.

    iOS 5.x support, experimental. Known working on iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 GSM phones. SHOULD work on others.. If yours doesn't work let me know =)
    2012-06-26 04:43 AM