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    You made the right choice when decided to buy this program! We are acquainted. Donít be surprised, everything is simple. If it so happened that you hold in your hands this program, it means that you are, despite the sex, age, religion and education - a man that always achieve his goals. We all go one way - a way of self-improvement. I hope that this program will become your reliable assistant and guide to the wonderful world of Thai boxing.

    THAI BOXING (Muay Thai) - is one of the most sophisticated kinds of martial arts in the world that appeared over two thousand years ago. In the modern Muay Thai you can strike the hands, feet, knees and elbows Ė thatís why the Muay Thai is called "battle of eight limbs".

    The author of the program is one of the world-famous experts in the field of Muay Thai Maxim Slipchenko - Three-time world champion, twice European champion, World Cup winner and multiple champion of international tournaments in Muay Thai. He used his extensive experience of major international competitions and training camp.

    The Program proposed by experts and fanciers in martial arts, will allow you to learn the most efficient and sophisticated kind of martial arts which is known all over the world under the name of Muay Thai. Here you will find a systematic exposition and illustrations of the technique of Muay Thai.

    It also has built-in timer of rounds, which is designed for boxing trainings, and any other where cyclicity is needed. In this timer the start, the end of the round, as well as a specified time before the end of the round are accompanied by an audible signal. Between rounds there is the countdown of the time of the break. The report of the number of rounds is led.

    The program "Thai boxing for you" is recommended to sportsmen, coaches, and designed for a wide range of fanciers of martial arts.

    Thai boxing for you for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-05-27 12:34 PM