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    Buster's Flight
    Buster's Flight for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Help guide Buster, a tropical toucan, to safety across four exotic lands! Dodge a variety of enemies and rack up your high score for as long as you can! Based off the classic game "Helicopter", Buster's Flight is easy to play and fun for all ages.

    - Guide Buster across four different exotic landscapes!
    - Dodge an assortment of enemies ranging from boulders to monkeys to Buster's arch-enemy Bandit!
    - Collect perks to help you in your journey like double points and no enemies for a few seconds.
    - Fight your way through increasing speeds and a higher frequency of enemies.

    Coming Soon:
    - A global high score. Find out how your score stacks up against those around the world.
    - More perks to help Buster along his flight.
    - More exotic lands for Buster to fly across!

    Thank for supporting this app and visit my website, 306 Designs - Professional Mobile Development, for the latest news and updates for Buster's Flight and other upcoming games! Suggest new features for Buster's Flight for your chance to win a free copy of 306 Designs next game.

    What the buyers are saying:

    "I played this for about 2 hours and didn't want to put it down. It's very similar to the Helicopter game but has a few tweaks that make it so much better. Definitely worth a dollar!" - Skater514

    "This game is fun, easy to use and highly addictive. Great job." - Scott Abraham

    "Great app for anyone to play. The controls are simple yet easy and your always trying to beat your top score overall great app 5/5!" - Dwillet

    "This game is pretty addictive and fun to play." - T_Zabinsky

    This game was designed and built entirely by one person and it's getting great reviews and downloads through 72 hours of being released.
    2011-06-13 06:08 AM
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    Buster's Flight was the 212th most downloaded game in Canada and 126th under the "Action" subcategory! Not bad for one guy.
    2011-06-18 10:24 PM
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    Because of the success of Buster's Flight so far, I have decided that I am holding a contest. I am going to pick a random user out of the first 30 people to leave a review and they are going to receive a 50 dollar gift card emailed to them from whatever restaurant or shopping store they wish. I am 100% serious about this. I will keep this thread updated with the number of reviews left for the game and I will keep updating my twitter (@306Designs) as well. There are currently 10 reviews for the game. I am grateful for the support I have received for this game i wrote myself and I want to give back to the fans as well. Pass the name of the game around and get your friends to enter!
    2011-06-20 03:10 PM
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that Buster's Flight is currently being endorsed and advertised on Lamebook.com. I have been surprised with the great reviews around Buster's Flight and this kind of exposure will be huge for an independent developer. Have a good day!
    2011-07-12 06:32 AM