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    In App Store, Apps for iphone always make us a surprise. Angry Birds makes a new breakthrough for the screen’s zooming and Fruit Ninja brings more enjoyment for touch-screen game. All the work that keyboard can’t do is achieved by iphone. Therefore, How about an important function of iphone------accelerometer controlled system? What surprise might it has next? You can try to play a new game on App Store, named “Cover the Sheep”.

    Be careful! A hungry wolf is pursuing a little sheep. The lovely sheep is in danger! Can you help her? The story begins in the Lampard Forest. We can take advantage of forest’s resources, such as traps, fire, rivers and so on. Let’s defeat the evil together!

    “Cover the sheep” has a cartoon style. Character’s body and facial movements are very delicate and vivid. Take wolf’s eyes for example. They are so malicious and thirsty that they always search for the little sheep’s trace. Player can tilt the device to control characters. Now, don’t hesitate no more! Let’s join hands to defeat the wolf!

    Among all different game types, PUZ game is the most difficult game to be designed. But “Cover the Sheep” solves this problem successfully by designing levels and tools. Players can find the game is easy to begin, but it is challenging to get a higher score. Players have to decide your getaway routes before starting the game. By the way, players can do their best to find locked levels.

    DOWNLOAD: Cover The Sheep for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-07-22 08:36 AM
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    Pretty cool game ,thank you for sharing.
    2011-07-25 07:55 AM