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    We are a new development company with our very first app for public safety that I wanted to introduce to my fellow MR members.

    Ten43 Technologies was founded with a background in public safety in which we set out to assist in developing the ability to be able to text 911. Many people in the 'texting generation' do not even realize that before now you could not text 911 and this unfortunately was first exposed in 2007 at the Virgina Tech massacre when text messages from students went nowhere.

    This app is FREE! A great utility to keep on your springboard 'just in case'.
    Text 911, send photos, auto send your location, report a crime, call 911 directly from the app and more.

    New iPhone app for Public Safety - Text 911-icon-reflection.png

    Any questions, feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. welcome!
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    cool app, Thanks for sharing
    2011-09-13 06:18 PM