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    We have just launched our first iOS 5 compatible beta of iRealSMS 3.0.
    The messages app has been totally rewritten by Apple on iOS 5 due to the new iMessage system. This was by no means a simple port. It had to be completely rewritten so this first beta is just to test the core functions of iRealSMS to make sure they are playing nice with the new frameworks of iOS 5. Expect small bugs and graphical glitches. But those will be cleaned up in a later beta. Also Notification Center support isn't yet implemented. But that is also promised In another beta. If you've been waiting for iRealSMS on your iOS 5 device, then give it a go and let us know wht bugs you find.

    In cydia add this source: www.irealsms.com/beta_repo
    2011-09-15 04:44 PM