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    Apple life has a simple yet interesting gameplay to offer. The objective of the game is to swap apples to make a vertical or horizontal chain of Apples. A chain of three apples fetch you points. More than three apples fetch you bonus points. Unlike call of Atlantis or Bejewelled, in Apple life you will even come across revolving Apples as a surprise which gives you a visual 3D effect. To add on to your surprise you will come across rainbow apples which acts like jokers and help you in case of a difficulty.

    Apple life is an endless game which comes with 3 different modes namely Basket, Basket group and Apple bomb so that you don’t get bored looking at the same visualisation. Do not underestimate the game as scoring is not easy as it seems.

    Tharle games, an upcoming game development company is launching its latest game called Apple life. The company is aiming at providing only superior quality games for people of all age groups. This creative company is giving its best to create futuristic, boredom killing games apart from the repetitious action and physics games.

    Watch out for more updates regarding this game. I promise to keep you updated about this game.
    Apple Life
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    in website i see japan life ,you say apple life !which one the best ????
    2011-09-23 04:47 PM
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    Thanks for your interest.. i have updated the post with a video just for you.... enjoy the video
    2011-09-25 12:39 PM
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    Hey game Freaks the App has been released and is available in the App store. Here is the App store link.
    Apple Life
    2011-09-30 09:35 AM