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    Hey Guys,

    We (ZigZaGame) are a studio based in Tokyo, Japan. We are developing a game similar to Pokemon called "Dragon Island" for iOS with Greyhound Games, a studio based in Dallas.

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    The game is 85% complete, we will need help with beta testing soon.

    Here's a summary of the key features.

    Evolve: Monsters evolve as they level up.

    Combine: Find recipes to combine 2 monsters into something new.

    Summon: Defeat bosses and claim their spirit totems and summon them in battle.

    Batting Order: Number of monsters you can take to battle increases as your hero levels up. Once a monster dies it is replaced by the next monster in your batting order. Because there are no healing spells in the game, batting order is a key strategy in conquering dungeons.

    Points of Interests: In Dragon Island, players explore the world by unlocking hundreds of Points of Interest which can be battles, dungeons, towers, towns, forests, etc.

    Hunter License: Complete quests and missions to upgrade your hunter rank. Become the ultimate master hunter.

    Thanks for Reading!
    Preview of some graphic assets. We have over 200 monsters!

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    Back Side of our flyer for Macworld 2012, Come Check out our booth!
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