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    If you ever wonder what medicine to take in case of illness, iHomeMD Pro is the app for you. This quick reference tool helps you, as well as healthcare professionals, to identify available drugs to treat symptoms and diagnosed diseases. iHomeMD (www.iHomeMD.com) has been an online medical resource center since 2007. The extremely popular drug reference tool is now available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android powered mobile devices. iHomeMD Pro puts the power of medical care in the palm of your hand.

    This Pro version of the application has added new features and expanded disease and drug coverages. We implemented advanced search engines for disease names and drug names, including both brand names and generic names of FDA approved drugs. The drug information in the app are carefully curated so that they are concisely presented. iHomeMD Pro is the only app in the AppStore that provides direct disease-drug cross reference.

    •Advanced search engine for finding drugs to treat your conditions
    •Provides drug cross reference for over 500 common diseases
    •Detailed drug information for over 4000 FDA approved drugs
    •NO INTERNET REQUIRED for using the app and accessing drug descriptions
    •Provides details on drug functions, usages, side effects, and drug cross interactions
    •Ability to email search results
    •Advanced search capabilities on drug names (both brand names and generic names).
    •Search disease based on keywords or disease categories.
    •Optimized interface for iPhone and iPod Touch
    •FREE database updates

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