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    Today We introduce our new application and hope it gains your pleasure..
    iContact! - your social helper-mzl.queoqpgd.320x480-75.jpg iContact! - your social helper-mzl.wapasioe.320x480-75.jpg iContact! - your social helper-mzl.xvjapzxq.320x480-75.jpg

    App store url:
    App Store - iContact! (Schedule sms, email, calls)

    Why is it unique?
    It's the first and only app that schedules and automates doing your SMS, emails and phone calls upon your social events.

    Have you ever forgotten sending some friends invitations to a party you have had?
    Have you ever missed sending congratulations on a relative birthday?
    Have you ever forgotten an important business phone call?

    Do you send repeated grouped messages or make grouped phone calls on weekend for outing details, or call someone on a daily basis, or want an auto-scheduler for annual social events, and want some automatic help?

    Won't it be nice if your iPhone manages, schedules, prepares and alerts you for your (SMS, email and phone calls) interactions with all your events, meetings, communications and any social todo that all what you need to perform is ONLY one touch?

    That's iContact!

    1- Schedule and receive alerts for sending all your bunch sms, emails and phone calls.
    You can create as many events (repeated or once) as you want, create for every event as many todo actions as you want (sms, email and phone calls), previously prepare all details for your scheduled email messages, sms or phone calls, target as many groups or individual contacts as you want for every action in every event.

    2- When your event fires (even if iContact! app isn't running at all), all you need is only one touch to send your previously prepared sms, emails or phone calls.

    3- Manage your contacts in neat groups that you create, name and organize freely.
    Then you can add these groups to any action in any event, you can filter a group contacts for every action in every event. You can even add individual contacts that don't belong to any group to event actions.

    4- You don't have to schedule events to contact!. Make an instant action (sms, email, or phone call) and target as many groups and individuals as you need, immediately.

    5- You can save sms messages to iContact! archive, to quickly use them again in upcoming events.

    iContact! .. Do it, when you want it..
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    FREE For One Day (Friday 3/2/2012)
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    Now, Free for 3 days..
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