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    Good Day Everyone...

    I would like to share with all iPhone user with this new VINODE application.

    Vinode - Future Lens for iPhone User-422097_139786159473201_100003254535261_162413_1899262859_n.jpg

    Vinode is a brand new, free app on your smartphone acting as your magic 'lens' enhancing the world around you with amazing virtual node, information, advertisement and entertainment via Augmented Reality Technology.

    Vinode will be one of the earliest adopter on geo-location augmented reality advertising platform designed to connect brands with end customers.

    Vinode platform uses the latest geo-location augmented reality technology to provide the 3rd layer of reality which is very useful for information and advertisement.

    We had just release our beta version of Vinode which include the first feature in our product roadmap which is "Future Lens".
    You can see the future weather (24 hours) projected in front of your camera. You might see snow, rain, cloudy and a lot more!
    It's so cool that you can see the future of your current location.
    Beside that, you can capture the future projected and share on your Facebook.

    You can download it FREE here:
    App Store - Vinode - Future Lens

    or you can find more information about us here:
    Vinode - future lens!

    Thanks and have a nice day!
    2012-01-28 02:55 PM
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    If you have QR Code Reader, you can download directly to your iOS device using QR Code below:

    Vinode - Future Lens for iPhone User-426427_142632799188537_100003254535261_170119_1126019440_n.jpg
    2012-02-01 06:49 AM