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    Moto Marker presents a unique solution to real time Vehicle tracking. A combination of easy to install GPS tracker, Web protocol and iPhone & android apps empowers you to track your vehicles on the go. A scalable product, Moto Marker works equally well for personal use as well as fleet management. Moto Marker vehicle tracking is designed and developed by a team of engineers with many years of research that has gone behind the development of user friendly iPhone and android apps that makes life easy at an affordable price. Use the device in your cars, Bikes, Trucks, Buses and benefit from a host of features.

    All you need is a Moto Marker vehicle tracker, a sim card, your phone (iPhone/android) or web browser to use all the above features. Moto Marker is handy for tracking anything you may want to track be it a vehicle, a fleet of vehicles, assets or if you like to keep track of your child, teenager or aging parents. It is perfectly safe and makes your life easy.

    Please visit : Welcome To MotoMarker for more interesting facts on Motomarker

    To download iPhone App : App Store - Moto Marker
    2012-01-30 07:15 AM
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    Moto Marker has done a great job and i am very impressed with their work. This new tracker app is looking useful and with this Gpstracking device people can locate and track easily their vehicles. For more information you can visit this site.
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    2014-01-07 11:43 AM
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    That's a wonder app though I feel it might be a bit confusing for general users to understand. I have also developed similar apps for iphone under tekritisoftware.com
    Iphone App Development
    2014-01-16 06:40 AM