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    no, you did not misread this topic. i am currently working on super smash bros. for the iPhone, which i will release in cydia when finished.

    At the moment, mario is almost completely working, as well as the computer player version of him. Smash balls are also working.

    I will be posting a demo up here in a few days
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    As promised, here is the early early alpha release of the smashbros for iPhone game. It is still in very early development, but i assure you i am working on it as much as i can. Items are disabled by default, but only smash ball works, so do not bother enabling the ray gun. Also, only time battle works so far, so dont bother turning on stock either.

    here is the link. you may need to fix permissions after installing to the Applications folder:

    If you do not like the graphics, let me know and i will upload the data folder for anyone to edit the graphics as they please and ill add the modified versions into it.

    I would really like some feedback on what you think, so please let me know.

    EDIT: i forgot to mention that when you install the app, you need to create a folder named Documents in the Applications folder, or the game will not work correctly.
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    No video or preview?
    2012-09-02 12:23 AM
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    you revived my old thread man. look at the new one
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