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    Gameplay Teaser: The Drop Out(Physics based iOS Game) + Promo Code Contest-postcard.png

    Big Hello to all Furrie lovers,

    We are arriving on your planet on 1st March and whoever rises to welcome us will be rewarded with... well, rewards.

    The reward consists of random numbers and letters which can be typed on our mothership to unlock secret of the universe or in human terms, Promo Codes. Of Course, some of you might not believe us and that's why we have included a trailer made by our pesky developers:


    Obviously, there are some rules:
    1) Either Follow us on twitter, Digital Poke (@digitalpoke) on Twitter
    2) Or Like our game on FB, The Drop Out | Facebook
    3) Or Leave a comment below.

    Each comment, like or follow will be taken as an additional vote... The contest will end on 1st March and we will pick 5 who will accompany us in this journey.

    What are you waiting for. Don't you wanna be the one to grab this opportunity and be with us forever.

    Your Friend,
    Furrie #372

    Digital Poke: http://www.digitalpoke.com
    Drop Out Website: http://dropout.digitalpoke.com
    iTunes Link(will get activated from 1st March): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-d...0074?ls=1&mt=8
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    I got to beta test this game, and I gotta say- its super addicting! I've played angry birds and cut the rope and their good but Ive gotten tired of them. I havent gotten tired of this game yet! And it isn't just a cheap copy of angry birds either, it has a completely unique gameplay, interface, and characters. The game is just super sexy and I don't want to give too much away but it has an awesome and completely different gameplay than anything youve seen before and its really addicting! Some of the levels are pretty tough though and they took me quite a while to beat but at least the game isnt too easy because that would just get boring. I still havent gotten through all the levels yet because theres so many but Ive just been playing it every chance I have because its such an awesome game!
    This game truely has the potential to get up there in the top rankings in the app store with angry birds and cut the rope. These devs really know how to make completely unique and awesome apps and this time they have really outdone themselves and Im sure theyll get the recognition they deserve from this app. You guys are gonna love it!

    Edit: just realized the trailer showed off the awesome gameplay. Its an awesome idea and you will never get tired because each new level has completely new ideas that even a great veteran game player like me has a take a while to figure out how to beat (:
    Keep up the great work guys!
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    Thanks SnowLeo
    2012-02-27 04:30 AM