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    Hi there,

    *** We changed the app name to ' Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound ' and it's NOW FREE!!!!

    I’ve got a new app to present to all ringtone lovers! This app is quite a bit outstanding than any other ringtone

    maker apps. It cannot only just create unlimited ringtones, but it also create a silent ringtone. The silent ringtone is very

    useful for you guys if you want to ignore unwanted calls by setting this silent tone to any contacts that you don’t want to

    answer or not comfortable to accept without turning the vibration on!

    For more information, this app is a universal app (iPhone, iPad) and offers five language supported.

    For iPad lovers, you can use this app to create reminder tones, text tones, face time, and so on.

    Try this app ‘Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound’, and you will find it so much useful and convenient.

    Visit the website: http://www.iappcreation.com

    AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ringt...514250343?mt=8

    Appstore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ringt...504500989?mt=8

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/iappcreation

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/iappcreation
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    We're going to set up the contest soon. Please be updated!!
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    Let's follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and you will be the first one who knows about our incoming contests!!!
    2012-03-20 05:36 AM
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    Nice, It is very clear. This problem is simpler than what I imagine.
    And if you need a free ipad to mac transfer or an ipad video converter for mac, I am glad to be of help.
    2012-03-22 10:05 PM
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    We're BACK! Our promotion codes giveaway from i-App Creation is NOW ready for you to join us! To win our promo codes is very easy. Let's see how you can win this prize!

    Hurry! This contest lasts before 25 March, 2012 at 11.50 AM

    How to get FREE Promotion codes:

    1. Click SR Promo Code or search ' iappcreation ' on your twiiter
    2. Click 'Follow' or 'Tweet'
    3. You will see our tweet on Twitter
    4. Retweet us "Free Promo code giveaway" to your friends to win the prizes
    5. After 25 March 2012, Keep updated on your twitter from us!
    6. For the winners, we'll send you promotion codes via a direct message
    7. The Last step! Enjoy your time with our Ringtone Maker with Silent Sound

    P.S. Keep in touch with us on Twitter, and you will be the FIRST one to know our incoming contests like THIS!!

    Good luck everyone!!!
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    The new version of Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound is going to be updated TONIGHT!!!
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    Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound new version is NOW available in AppStore (Fully support iOS5.1, bug fixed)

    The new feature is You can share and delete your voice tones.
    2012-03-28 06:28 AM
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    You can search 'how to create your own ringtones' by 'i-App Creation on Youtube
    2012-04-03 10:41 AM
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    I'm looking for this kind of app! GREAT!
    2012-04-10 10:37 AM
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    Thanks for your comment. Now, Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound is NOW FREE and available in AppStore.

    Let's try it!! App Store - Ringtone Maker FREE Plus Silent Sound
    2012-04-13 06:56 AM
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    2012-04-20 06:03 AM