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    Demo video on Youtube:

    The world's first mobile browser which supports the gravity mouse, voice clicks and voice navigation, named as JoyClick, has upgraded to version 1.1. When you say "go forward" , "go back" or "refresh", which will make the browser navigate forward, backward or refresh page. The application also supports voice navigation of commonly used sites, when you say "Facebook", "Twitter" or "Yahoo", which will navigate to the appropriate Web site. You do not need to operate as Siri, where you have to press microphone button for every process. In this application, the voice control is not disturbed between different voice commands. While browsing the internet video, the voice control will automatically be turned off in order to avoid misuse. Specific voice commands are listed in main page of browser.
    App store link(FREE):
    App Store - JoyClick Voice Browser
    2012-03-17 07:30 AM
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    In addition to supporting the common touch mode, the browser also supports sprite auto-click, manual click and voice click. In automated click mode, the sprites will automatically click on a page element after a certain threshold time. In manual click and voice click mode(the sprites' default modes), you should turned off auto-click mode in config page. You can press the lower right corner of the pointer icon to click on the page elements in manual click mode, without moving finger over full screen in iPad. In voice click mode, when you say "yeah","yes" or "ok", the sprites will click the appropriate web elements.
    2012-03-28 12:18 PM
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    The next version will support voice tuning as in Talking Tom.
    2012-04-18 12:41 PM