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    Code Master Pro - Universal Source File Editor-code-master-pro-screenshot-1.jpg Code Master Pro - Universal Source File Editor-code-master-pro-screenshot-2.jpg

    Code Master Pro is a mobile utility that enables you to simply create, modify, grab and share any source file so you can bring your work with you wherever you go and modify this work, no matter where you are. With our easy to use interface, working with code on the go has never been so easy or quick to do. Code Master Pro also has built in feature that allows you to remain neat by organizing your completions and your work in progress and categorizing it at the same time.

    Code Master Pro also makes it easy for users to sync and share these files so you can easily edit your files on the computer, send the code to friends and upload the source files directly to the web. Right from the editing interface, the toolbar displayed near the bottom allows you to mail the code or even upload it to InstaPaper for easy access from any device, mobile or stationary. Check out to learn more.

    This powerful developing application also introduces a new feature that enables you to edit your code with Syntax Highlighting. For all of those who aren't aware, Syntax Highlighting is a feature that displays text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms for an easier, more helpful coding environment.

    We have also combined the power of Syntax Highlighting to allow full co-operation with all files written for Xcode. Meaning that you can now edit your Xcode files on the go!

    Sometimes when your coding, the environment seems a little foreign, as if it had an incompatible feeling to it. Code Master gets rid of this problem by working with your code, instead of beside it. No matter what file your working on their are many shortcut keys that can be used and these can be difficult to implement when working with a variety of different languages. Thanks to Code Master, having access to these shortcuts has never been so easy. There are over 100 HTML shortcuts, as well as "how to's" for users who are sick of having to continuously look in a textbook or on the web for the correct form of shortcut that your code uses.

    This sleek utility also has the ability to eliminate the hassle of having to upload your file to a server or a device just to get a glimpse at it's appearance. In the click of a button you can simply preview how it's going to look on either a server (webview) or device.

    Edit files such as: HTML, JavasSript, PHP, CSS, Xcode Files (Objective-C, C, C++), XML, ActionScript and almost any other text-configured source files out there.

    Please note that the Syntax Highlighter is only supported for these languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML, C, C++ & Objective C.

    2012-04-09 08:04 PM