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    Learn how to create gorgeous hairstyles, nail designs and makeup looks with this all-in-one iPhone beauty app! All you ever wanted to know about nail designs, hair styles and makeup looks in one place!

    - Tips for creating fabulous nail designs!
    - Photos of amazing nail art designs for every nail shape!
    - Video tutorials on creating lots of nail designs!
    - Tips for applying makeup perfectly!
    - Photos of latest and iconic makeup looks!
    - Video tutorials on creating makeup looks for every occasion!
    - Tips for having gorgeous and healthy hair!
    - Photos of stunning celebrity hairstyles!
    - Video tutorials on creating beautiful hairstyles for short, medium and long hair!

    iTunes link: My Beauty Bible

    My Beauty Bible [Free App]-nwsjxatbegzcxpm7eoravm-temp-upload.dkefbffi.320x480-75.jpg My Beauty Bible [Free App]-mza_6375288584863484804.320x480-75.jpg My Beauty Bible [Free App]-mza_2765142579387359466.320x480-75.jpg My Beauty Bible [Free App]-mza_2279328619497247630.320x480-75.jpg My Beauty Bible [Free App]-mza_4126042862797592070.320x480-75.jpg
    2012-04-17 02:37 PM
  2. Benson11's Avatar
    Lol..It would be more effective as well as useful for my girlfriend. And yeah i need to concern her about this app.
    2012-04-17 04:06 PM
  3. Golfgolfgolf's Avatar
    I will definitely try this app. I love nails painting
    2012-04-25 06:29 AM