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    Are you looking for a ringtone maker to help you turn your favorite songs to ringtones for your lovely iDevice (iPhone/iPad)? Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound is the best option for you to use. Easy and simple for everyone!

    What will you get from FREE version?
    Features in FREE version:
    ✓ Convert any iTunes music or MP3 sound file into your own ringtone.

    ✓ Create Unlimited Tones.

    ✓ Real Wave Form easy for you to estimate time.

    ✓ Indication where song is playing.

    ✓ Highest quality sound processor.

    ✓ Accurate 0.25 sec. for iPhone, iPad 0.12 sec.

    ✓ Don't want to sync? Just export via email and send it to yourself or friends

    ✓ Your Tone section, you can see and manage your tone in the app library

    TODAY ONLY! Youíll get more features from FULL Version as follow:

    ✓ Silent Ringtone

    Notice: The app itself does not block calls, but you must assign this silent ringtone to each contact you want to silent. Just like you normally assign your ringtones. Thatís all!!

    ✓ 40 seconds Length for Ringtone

    ✓ Record your own Voice

    ✓ In iOS 5 you can create Text tone, Email tone, Alert tone, Tweet tone, Calendar tone, and Reminder tone.

    iTunes: App Store - Ringtone Maker Plus Silent Sound
    2012-05-21 04:22 AM
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    2012-05-21 12:39 PM